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Bijou Video - Love a Man with a Mustache 1
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This is a vintage gay sex video compilation of some of the hottest scenes in the Bijou catalog featuring men with mustaches, including scenes from A Night at the Adonis, The Idol, Oversize Load, and Beat Cop and highlighting hot retrostuds like Donnie Russo, Jayson MacBride, Malo, and Dennis Parker.

1. Steve Sartori solo
The film features a handsome model called Steve Sartori. He first strolls out to the edge of an outdoor pool, strips, and swims. He then stretches out on a sun lounge, dozes, and starts pursuing some erotic thoughts. As he continues he stimulates himself to a fall erection, and in the course of masturbation is posed to display his body standing, prone, and supine with his knees up and air to reveal his perineal region and buns. He slows way down for his climax, savoring it thoroughly. The film is exceptionally well made, with excellent color and fine grain. The concept of the film places more value on posing the model than producing a continuous sequence.
Muscular, long haired Steve strokes his pleasure stick besides a pool, grabbing his balls to coax the milk out.

2. Lay of the Land 300'
Malo (hih) OgrAb, Jayson McBride OrgAt
At the Adonis, a new employee makes the rounds to check out the lay of the land. That's a full time job.
Malo wending his way to the Adonis, stops off at his barber, Jason McBride's, for a trim job. Jason give Malo special treatment and makes unique use of his barber chair. Suddenly, Malo is on his stomach–the trim job turns into a great rim job befitting such a beautiful ass[, not found in the video]. Jason puts his hard cock to the test as he enters Malo's ass. His easy, slow start gets faster and hotter, working itself to ass-pounding, chair-raising climax. Jason makes another appointment on the phone as Malo, getting his second wind, heads to the movies.
The last thing he spots is an assorted cast of characters getting it on at the back of the theater. The start of a long day's journey into A Night at the Adonis.

3. Three guys in a shed.
see also Made in the Shade 1 (Satellite): The Ultimate Black Summer Fantasy

4. Kevin Redding (70s) Og, Nick Rodgers Or
The coach, Nick Rodgers, gives Gary a rubdown that doesn't stop a muscles. Gary lets coach give him a good rim job and gets the cum sucked out of his pisser.

5. Wade Nichols, James Rugman
Craig wakes up, bound naked in the lair of Durrell and his partner Jock. Jock is a crook that Craig’s father once had the opportunity to have arrested, but he passed it up. Jock sends Durrell to make the ransom call, and left alone, takes the opportunity to have sex with Craig. He tugs on his cock, kisses him, then strips and climbs onto the table Craig is bound to and feeds him his cock. Durrell returns and half-heartedly tugs on his cock. Jock then cums in Craig’s mouth and Craig licks his lips, like he’s suddenly smitten. Jock lets Craig loose from his binds and Durrell blows a gasket and storms off. Jock and Craig then lay down on a mattress on the floor and Jock fucks Craig. Jock asks Craig how he compares to Peter, and Craig says that Peter’s no comparison, that Jock really turns him on. They 69 briefly, then Jock fucks Craig again and this time admits that when he was younger, Craig’s dad caught him breaking and entering. Instead of turning him in, he captured Jock and raped him for a week and that’s the whole reason for the kidnapping.

6. Noon (Cosco) 200'
Tony Lee (70s) OrgAtRg, Greg Miers OgrAbRr
Hard hat wearing Tony Lee (Noon) slaps a book out of Greg Miers' hands and orders him out of his clothes... fast. Dirty talking the whole time, Tony teases Greg with his cock, rough fucking his face as Greg deep throats him. Tony rims Greg in preparation and then rough fucks his ass. They 69 briefly but Greg does most of the work and when Tony cums in a geyser, Greg sucks the cum off Tony's dripping dick.
There is some fisting that was edited out for usage in Choice Cuts.

7. Steve Taylor (80s), Jason Steele, Jesse Adams

8. Donnie Russo solo

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 1:23:12
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