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UKHotJocks - Locker Jock : Johny Cruz
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Model Stats
Location: London UK, England
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 8ins
Weight: 68kg
Hair: Long, Dark Brown
Eyes: green
Cock: 8ins, uncut
Role: versatile/bottom
Orientation: gay

Sexy, funny and cute Johny charms us with conversation and stories about his life. he's a highly sexual guy, experienced and dirty. He strips off his gear, gets his big dick hard and wanks for the camera, all the while looking down the lens imagining who would be looking back at him and what they'd be doing, he wants an audience and wants them to get off! He sniffs his sweaty gym vest and licks his pits, that's what we call getting into yourself! Reaching for some toys, it's time to plug and play with his hole, reaching for a bumpy looking plug. Stretching out at the wide part and pushing for depth. This boy is noisey! he loves to let us and possibly the neighbors know how much fun he's having. Standing up he releases an absolute torrent of cum, over and over he spurts massive ropes of jizz. Very impressive Johny!

Cast: Johny Cruz
Length: 27 minutes
Date Added: July 10, 2015
Studio: UKHotJocks


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