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College Dudes - Bentley And Jay Suck Each Other Off
Jay Alexander and Bentley Michael are a sexy match and they know it, ready to get things heated up as they make out and Jay is the first to drop to his knees to give Bentley some oral pleasure. Sucking and gagging on that cock, Jay works it with his tongue and lips, his wet mouth enveloping Bentley’s thick shaft as he gets him good and hard. Bentley returns the favor when it’s his turn to suck Jay’s fat cock, making Jay grow bigger in Bentley’s mouth as he works him over and then spreads Jay’s ass to rim his hole.

Bentley’s fingers play with Jay’s entrance as he warms it up for his cock before pushing his dick inside it, fucking Jay hard and deep as Jay moans for more of that prick. Turning onto his back, Jay bottoms for Bentley, getting pounded out as Bentley fills him up with his big dick, fucking him as Jay plays with himself and brings himself closer to orgasm. A few more deep thrusts from Bentley and Jay’s stroking out his load, reaching forward to play with Bentley’s balls as he nuts hard, shooting his cum all over Jay.

Added: July 19, 2018

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