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Mustang - Manhole 2
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Cast : Dak Ramsey, Dean Tucker, Andrew Justice, Damien Holt, Shawn Hunter, Brock Armstrong, Luke Cassidy, Tris Roberts.

If you saw the first movie and wondered how it could get any better, then wait until you see the men of Mustang in Manhole 2 as they unleash their animalistic sex on one another. The action is intense!

Brock Armstrong enters a sex club warehouse and finds Andrew Justice stroking his meat. The two watch each other as they slowly work their big cocks. Brock gestures Andrew to come over. The two begin man handling each other. Andrew kisses Brock and they begin to lose the rest of their clothes. Andrew pins Brock to the wall and licks Brock’s chest, armpits, and muscles. Andrew then stands on the forklift and Brock begins to feast on the big cut of man meat. Andrew fucks Brock’s mouth. Brock knows how to deep throat. Then Brock lies on the forklift with his feet on the ceiling of the forklift. Andrew spreads Brock’s cheeks and dives in to suck on that tight pucker. Brock then stands on the lift and Andrew devours Brock’s cock. Andrew then slams his cock into Brock from behind. He pummels that fat cock in and out and the camera captures the pounding from underneath. Then these two flip and Brock gets a turn to hammer at Andrew’s backdoor. Andrew sits on Brock’s pole. Then Andrew balances on the forks as Brock hammers that tight hole. Brock stands above Andrew and sprays a huge load all over Andrew’s body. Andrew then unloads on Brocks boot, which Brock makes him lick it clean.

Dak Ramsey finds Luke Casidy shackled by the wrists to a wall. Dak feels, kisses and licks up and down Luke’s body. Dak kneels and pulls down Luke’s pants exposing a nice cock. Dak takes it in his mouth and strokes it to life. Dak then releases Luke from the wall and throws him over the arm of a chair so that Luke is on all fours. Dak eats Lukes ass, teasing him with his tongue and fingers as he spits to lube up that sweet hole.Dak asks Luke if he’s ready before sliding his fat cock up Luke’s chute. He works it in deep and begins slowly fucking in and out. Once that hole is stretched opened Dak begins a steady pounding. Dak rips Luke’s shirt off his body as he fucks him doggy style. Luke moans and gasps as he gets stuffed with Dak’s big cock. Luke is flipped over as Dak hammers away with Luke’s legs hooked over his shoulders. These two trade places. Dak gets his hole worked over by Luke. On his back, Dak gets drilled missionary. Luke taps that ass but Dak wants it harder. Luke rams him and Dak shoots his seed all over his own stomach. Dak then straddles Luke’s face and fucks Luke’s mouth. Luke sucks on Dak’s balls and nurses on his cock as he continues to stroke his cock. Soon Luke geysers out blasts of cum, hitting Dak’s ass, his own face and chin. He covers himself in his man juice. Dak rubs it in and strokes Luke’s cock as he kisses Luke on the neck.

Brock is looking for some more action and enters a room where he finds Dean Tucker behind a plastic curtain. Dean is bent over holding onto a chair as he’s getting his ass drilled by a dildo machine. Brock sits and strokes his cock as he watches Dean getting all worked up. Brock then grabs the remote and removes the chair. He offers his cock for Dean to hold onto. Dean begins stroking and sucking on Brock’s cock. He swallows that cock as Brock forces him all the way down on it. Brock then turns around and offers his ass to Dean to feast on. Dean buries his tongue causing Brock to moan as his ass is eaten. The two then sit on the couch and kiss and stroke each other. Brock fingers Deans hole and sucks Dean’s cock at the same time. Dean pushes Brock’s head down and Brock chokes on that hard cock. Brock is then bent over as he braces himself on a ladder. Dean rams Brock’s hole. Brock wants it hard. Dean rides deep as he buries his cock hard causing his balls to slap Brock’s ass. Dean then lies on his back and it’s Brock’s turn to get some ass. Brock aggressively pounds his fat cock in and out. Dean is moaning loud as he ass gets nailed. Dean strokes his cock as Brock hits all the right spots deep in Dean’s ass. Dean unloads all over his hairy stomach and chest. Brock scoops up Dean’s spooge and feeds it to him. Then share a kiss before Brock leans back against Dean and jerks himself to completion. Then they suck face to end the scene.

Shawn Turner tells Tris Roberts, “You’re fucking mine,” as he puts a collar and a leash on the hot stud. Shawn leads him to another room where Damien Holt is waiting. Shawn has Tris suck on Damien’s big black cock. Tris works his mouth and throat over both their cocks as he alternates between the two. Damien then finger fucks Tris’ hole getting it ready for some action. Tris sucks Damien as Damien sucks on Shawn. Damien deep throats Shawn’s hard upturned cock. Tris begs to be finger fucked. These three daisy chain a few different ways as they continue to slurp on each other’s man meat and man holes. After some serous cock sucking and ass munching they spitroast Tris. These two work him over at both ends. The switch places and deliver some intense pounding. They continue tag teaming his ass as they drill him a new hole. Tris cries out as both men ram him fast and furious. Shawn sits in a chair as Damien bounces up and down on Shawn’s pole. Damien fucks himself. Tris sucks on Damien’s big cock. In the end, Tris sits in a chair as both men stand and get their cocks sucked. Damien grabs Tris’ head and fucks his mouth. Damien then pushes Tris down on Shawn’s cock. They jerk off and shoot thick gobs of cum all over Tris’ face. Tris jerks and unloads as they cum runs down his cock and onto his hand.

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