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Lucas Kazan - Italians and Other Strangers
With: Matthias Vannelli, Jean Franko, Ettore Tosi, Alex Orioli, Marc Dievo, Antonio Rinaldi, Lucas Andrades.

Sex cums in different colors:
Italian newcomers Bruno Boni, Daniele Montana and Alessio Mancini demonstrate --with help from veteran Matthias Vannelli, Ettore Tosi and many more muscle studs.

1. Sex as Love-making - 18m
Alex Orioli OgrAt, Bruno Boni OgrAb
Italian newcomer Bruno Boni is a strapping lad from Florence with a body to kill for and dark, seductive eyes. I paired him up with 'veteran' Alex Orioli, on loan from BelAmi. Alex needed no directions --he doesn't speak English-- and Bruno just went with the flow.

2. Sex as a Playground - 14m
Ettore Tosi Og, Antonio Rinaldi OrAt, Lucas Andrades Ab
What goes on in most Italian nightclubs? Some patrons get busy on the dance floor, many others in the adjacent 'dark rooms' (often twice as big as the dance floors). Lucas Andrades, Antonio Rinaldi and Ettore Tosi give you a taste of those Saturday nights... 'Italian' style!

3. Sex as an Outlet - 7m
Jean Franko At, Alessio Mancini Ab
Watch award-winner Jean Franko and Italian newcomer Alessio getting it on. No kisses, no foreplay, just animalistic sex. It was Alessio's first time on camera, but he didn't balk. In fact, he relished each and every minute.

4. Sex as Fantasy - 18m
Daniele Montana At, Marc Dievo Ab
Italian newcomer Daniele Montana and Hungarian cutie Marc Dievo eye each other by the pool, flex their muscles and harbor forbidden thoughts about each other.

5. Sex as Desire - 13m
Matthias Vannelli At, Bruno Boni Ab
Have you ever lusted after your best friend? So has newcomer Bruno Boni. Watch him seduce hunky Matthias and reap the reward with a fuck-a-thon you’ll long remember.

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 1:18:22
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