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TCS/Mark Reynolds - Best Friends (1985) DVD
director Mark Reynolds

Athena Starr
Glenn Parker
Jeff Cameron (Jocks)
Mark Jennings
Mike Carlson
Ryan McNally
Thom Littlewolf
Todd Aramis

The story of two pairs of male friends who have sex with each other. In each pair one is somewhat straight. Each pair runs into trouble over sex but only one pair stick together, the pair that never had sex together before...

One scene is often billed as bisexual but all scenes are either men on woman or man on man.

Uploader's Note: this is a rip of the Bijou Classics DVD, probably a transfer from a VHS. It is only fair quality, but it might be the best that exists for this video.

Original upload: 21/05/2013 -matthewmancs
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