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GrowlBoys - STRAY - Chapter 2 - Fucking Landlords 540p
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As soon as the door opened, a warm-faced middle aged man stepped into the room. He looked like the Brawny man, classically handsome with salt and pepper hair, a red checked shirt and light denim. Even though his presence was unexpected, he had kind, brown eyes and soft smirk to his face. Eddie leapt up from the bed, still startled by the man’s entrance. Not only that, he felt himself being taken over suddenly by the warm, electric feeling in his body that came with the change.

No no no, not now! Eddie panicked as he felt his body come alive with powerful, animal, sexual energy. He put out a hand to try and tell the stranger to leave, only to see that hairs had begun to push out onto his fingers. He expected the man to scream and run, instead, he peculiarly put a finger to his mouth, telling him to be quiet. What was going on?

The change kept on coming without any reprieve. The cartilage in his ears softened and stretched, feeling like they were pieces of putty being pulled into points. His nails hardened and slid out from his skin, feeling like he was being scratched from the inside. His face took on the furry features of his racoon nature, itching and buzzing as white and black fur broke out from his pores.

He felt the pressure beneath his eyes, the point of no return for him transformation. His cheeks felt like they were splitting, stretching, and extending, making room for his eye sockets to deepen and push out, widening his face as the newly sprouted hairs created a cover over his skin.

He muffled his moans, a sound of both pain and pleasure, like an intense orgasm that had been held back for hours, even days, and now finally released, seeming to draw out the final shift in his skull: the extension of his mouth and nose to a point in the center of his face. No longer were his lips laid plain around his human mouth. His tip of his nose pushed out far from his face, bringing his jawbones out with it. His teeth pointed and extended as his quieted moan finished, sending him onto the floor to catch his breath and hide his shame.

This has never happened before. It doesn’t just come from nowhere. Something triggers it! What triggered it! Why have I changed? Huddled on the floor, Eddie became terrified and embarrassed. He was lucky to have found Alex and to feel safe with him, but most humans aren’t so understanding. What would this stranger do to him? And will he be able to see Alex again?

The handsome older man looked down at the poor creature, trembling on the ground, nearly on the edge of tears. His heart swelled for him. He saw him for who he truly was and how lost in the world he’d become. Besides, he knew something about what was happening to him, and he wanted to help.

Damien knelt down beside him and helped him up on the bed. The handsome man’s gentle touch disarmed Eddie, making him question everything about this moment. Not only was his fear lessened, he found himself feeling something else. Attraction. Deep attraction.

He looked up at the stranger, looking for a sign of what his fate would hold. And to his shock, he looked into the handsome man’s eyes, seeing a friendly, almost fatherly smile looking back at him. And not only that, he saw two, beautiful horns pointing out from his forehead… and found himself incredibly aroused…
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