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All Worlds Video - Yard Boyz
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n "Yard Boyz," director Paul Barresi proves that you don't have to be desperate or a housewife to be crazy over that guy who keeps your lawn well-manicured.
As we join them at daybreak for their morning romp, David Griffin, Dillon Press, Scott Mann and Joey Lexington not only share a very big bed, they share an appetite for sex. David and Scott obviously don't mind opening up their relationship to another couple, Dillon and Joey. The couples are sprawled out mere inches from one another, hotly kissing and stroking morning wood. They're all part of the over-35 set, and watching grown men get it on couldn't be more appealing. David Griffin and Scott Mann certainly look different than I remember them from their earlier screen appearances. David sports a thick dark goatee, silver nipple-rings along with a somewhat buffer bod here. Scott Mann has shorn his locks down to a buzz-cut, putting him at odds with Dillon Press' gleaming baldhead. It takes a while until we get a glimpse of Joey Lexington, because Dillon has him completely manhandled for the first few minutes of the scene. All four are gloriously tan. The scene quickly degenerates into carnality, everyone getting a taste of everyone else. The studs use the whole bed when they fuck, standing on the bed, riding the headboard, dangling off the edges. With age comes an obvious expertise in nastiness. Dillon maneuvers his lover Joey into a position where he can rim his hole. Joey then stuffs his mouth with David's pole. Not to be ignored, Scott signals Dillon to dump his load on his chest while lover David blows on his own furry belly.
While the four are fucking, no one seems to notice that the lawn service has arrived on the premises and young pups are clipping and mowing right outside the bedroom window. David and Dillon head to the shower, spending several minutes tenderly washing each other, leaving Scott and Joey to fend for themselves. Scott throws on some clothes and goes about his errands, and Joey uses the opportunity to bring hedge-clipper Justin Wells through the sliding-glass door and into bed. Justin is immediately erect, which doesn't go unnoticed by Joey. Justin's trimmer, more youthful frame looks perfect underneath Joey's more mature one. Justin enthusiastically gives head, only stopping long enough to kiss his new partner. Joey attacks Justin's hole, which director Barresi captures in shattering close-up -- making it soaking wet with his spit. He spends some long moments sucking prick before slipping on some rubber and driving deep. Justin keeps one arm bent behind his head, exposing a luscious furry armpit. Joey can't help commenting on how tight Justin is, Justin can only chew on his lower lip and moan, occasionally getting out an "oh yeah." Joey really rocks his hips, pulling his dick out the full length then sliding it firmly back in. Their fuck ends with Justin riding on top, then quickly standing on the pillow to blow his wad on Joey, who spurts his own load on one meaty thigh. By fuck's end, both are literally dripping with sweat and goo.
Outside, Scott Mann gets sidetracked from his errands when he eyes Corbin Michaels. He decides instead to relax in a lounge chair while Corbin bitches under his breath about sweeping the patio. Again, the age difference is notable, giving their first moves into sex an even steamier edge. Barresi almost seems to slow time to a crawl as Scott unzips his young lover's fly and retrieves his cock. They take turns slobbering on each others cocks. Scott looks especially smug as Corbin takes on this blowjob very dutifully. Corbin's cute, something that Scott enthusiastically takes note of. Positioning himself doggy on the lounge chair, Scott exposes his own crack for Corbin's hot little tongue. Corbin's eager and can't wait to suit up and plunge in Scott's ass. From all appearances, it's a pretty tight fit. Enter slutty Justin Wells: hole still oozing lube from his playtime with Joey Lexington. He nonchalantly walks over to the pair and puts his cock in Corbin's mouth. Corbin then presses against Scott and offers his ass up to Justin. It's a hot fuck. Corbin cranks his stiff cock the entire time he's getting banged. Scott gets off watching the two fucking, then watches as each cums in turn. You know it's a good day when everyone gets some backdoor action before 10 a.m.
The four daddies can also afford pool service and car washing. Dillon Press starts fondling every curve of his muscular body as he watches Jason Crew skim some pool-top scum. He plops down in a lounge chair, drops his swim shorts and starts masturbating. It's not the slickest come-on, but Jason comes over and falls to his knees nonetheless. Dillon plays the role of humpy dad to Jason's uninitiated pup. After blowing each other, Dillon makes his young apprentice sit butt-out on a poolside chair, then dives in, giving Jason's hairy hole some thorough rimming. He then starts a slow and deliberate finger-fuck, easing his digits up into Jason's warm body. The two really put the durability of that chair through the paces, Dillon fucking Jason in several acrobatic positions. The most sensual may very well be Jason sitting and riding while facing out, the flat soles of his feet shakily planted on Dillon's vascular thighs. His hip joints provide a fevered rocking motion as he squirms on Dillon's prick, trying to get his ass acquainted with every last inch of meat. Jason blows spunk heavily on Dillon's pecs which forces Dillon to blow his own load almost simultaneously. In the intensity of Dillon's last few cock contractions, Jason reaches down to milk out every last bit of cream from his customer.
David Griffin insists that car jockey Rocco Deniro scrub every inch of his car in the nude, rewarding his worker bee with a blowjob when the job is done to his satisfaction. David has some spectacular tribal tattoos covering his torso which Rocco seems to appreciate before he returns the favor. Unsatisfied, David insists that Rocco bury his pole in his ass. Their fuck takes place on one of the most precarious platforms I've seen anal sex being filmed. David's shaved balls are ridin' high while he's taking dick and he can't seem to manage to let go of his own prick while getting fucked. Rocco finishes off by spurting watery cum on David's right asscheek. David quickly flips over and finishes himself off with Rocco standing between his spread legs.
Paul Barresi's "Yard Boyz" is well cast, nicely shot, erotic as hell, and makes excellent use of the older guy, younger guy scenario. The sex is fun, hot and satisfying (especially in the first scene, my favorite). And, best of all, the lawn gets mowed, the car washed, and the pool cleaned. I can only imagine what our four housemates are going to do with all that free time!

Cast: Corbin Michaels, David Griffin, Dillon Press, Jason Crew, Joey Lexington,
Justin Wells, Rocco De Niro, Scott Mann

Length: 1:42:34
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