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Raging Stallion - Humongous Cocks 32
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The 32nd installment of the collection series featuring the biggest cocks from Raging Stallion Studios.

1. Jimmy Durano, Dylan Roberts
While all his friends are out sight-seeing Jimmy Durano decides to explore the city and see what he can find on his own. With his gaydar running on high, he spots Dylan Roberts lookin' so hot and yummy as he dines al fresco chompin' on a hot dog. The local native is just as smitten with the hunky tourist and agrees to show Jimmy a good time. They home and Dylan begins to feast on Jimmy's meaty foot-long. Soon wanting his share of some local cuisine, Dylan eats out Dylan's asshole, juicing it up with enough spit and making it nice and slick to handle his raging hard-on. The two new friends fuck nice and easy, then gradually build up to a frenetic pounding until they both explode, shooting wads of cum.

2. Tommy Defendi, Adam Ramzi
Tommy Defendi wants to bone Adam Ramzi, but he isn’t quite sure if Adam’s up for it. While changing his clothes, Tommy gauges Adam's reaction. Adam clearly pretends not to look as Tommy scratches his exposed balls and gives his cock a tug. But Tommy knows that Adam’s game, and he bounds over to Adam, grabs him by the throat and plunges his tongue into Adam's mouth. Their cocks rise to the occasion. Tommy’s massive meat grows fully erect, and Adam’s sizable piece follows suit. As they kiss, their hands reach down to grasp each other's hard ons. Both men are bearded and furry. Adam's head moves in circles when he sucks Tommy's huge cock and takes in his balls. When it's Tommy's turn to suck, he closes his eyes and every inch of Adam's cock vanishes. Meanwhile, Tommy humps Adam's leg like a horned up canine until it’s covered with precum. Adam turns tail and bends over to offer his ass, which Tommy spanks, while using his mouth and tongue to work Adam's cock, balls, taint and hole. When Tommy flips onto his back, Adam rides him, lowering his toned torso and freshly basted hole over Tommy's rigid dick. They fuck, kiss, fuck some more and finally shoot well-earned loads. The velocity of Tommy's shot makes you wonder if he’s even human.

3. James Jamesson, Colby Keller
James Jamesson wanders the shadowy passageways all dressed up in his leather straps and shiny chains with nothing but mischief on his agenda. So when like-minded Colby Keller crosses his path, the two men crash into each other like an uncontrollable accident. Colby is on his knees to guzzle down James' cock, savoring the saltiness of his flesh. Then it's the ginger top's turn to service his new ally, nursing on Colby's cock and licking his balls. Colby begins to rim James' butt hole driving both of them so crazy that the horny redhead gets behind to fuck his partner's asshole. They moan and groan, tease and taunt each other as the ass assault intensifies with every thrust. Both men build up a sweat with Colby finally riding James' joystick until he blasts his load. Then he kneels between his lover man's legs and is rewarded with a cum facial, after which Colby licks James' ruddy dick clean.

4. Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan, Alexander Garrett
Delving further into the camera's recent archives, Landon and Dean find Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan hooking up with a new friend, Alexander Garrett. While Jimmy shoots the action, a totally-submissive Marc and a dynamic Alexander go at it with a fevered energy that neither can contain. The intense cocksucking, frenzied ass-rimming and relentless butt-fucking has all three men reaching new heights of pleasure. Jimmy can't help but beat his meat as he watches Marc getting jack hammered up the ass by a vigorous and aggressive power top like Alexander. It doesn't take long for Marc to finally shoot his load all over his washboard abs and as he lays back, exhausted and spent, first Jimmy and then Alexander the Great cream all over him with copious shots of their jism.

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