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BG Enterprise - Fantasy Fight 10 : J T Sloan vs Dave Russell (2011)
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This jockstrap clad wrestling match is like no other. The sexual preferences are kind of backwards from the “normal” Fantasy Fight. It's very obvious that J.T. Sloan is the better wrestler, and while Dave Russell does have his moments, he goes down in several submissions. It's kind of like J.T., at will, can defeat Russell whenever he wants. But J.T. is a perennial bottom and in BG Wrestling, the winner dictates terms. In this particular case J.T. wants to get fucked. And Russell is more than obliging, because you'll notice that he is eyeing and slapping J.T.'s cute muscular butt throughout the match. Sloan is so horny and anxious that within moments of Russell sticking his hard cock up J.T.'s butt, the muscular wrestler is spraying cum everywhere. As the fucking continues, J.T.'s cock once again gets hard and he's jacking it for all its worth. Meantime, while Russell enjoys the fucking he gives J.T., he can't cum that way. He needs to suck J.T.'s cock while flaying his own which gives him the motivation he needs to juice his dick. He tenderly kisses J.T. at the end, but J.T. has to reassert his masculinity by getting one more wrestling submission. Like BG said, this wrestling video is like no other.

Cast: J.T. Sloan, Dave Russell
Release Date: 06/19/2011
Length: 37 Minutes
Studio: Can-Am Productions / BG Enterprise
Homepage: N/A
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