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Treasure Island Media - Raw Dogging
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Chemistry. Every one of the scenes in RAW DOGGING has an undeniable chemistry between the men as they fuck and breed. There are big cocks. Cut and uncut. White men. Black men. Latin men. Whore hole bottoms happiest when they have a hard rod up their ass.  It also has Treasure Island’s first puppy scene. Don’t know anything about puppy culture? You are about to find out!

Featuring NUTSDEEPBB in his bareback debut. Uncut ginger LEANDER with the return of CAEDON CHASE. JASON COX getting tag-teamed by DEEP DICC and LEON HOLT. Real life boyfriends BLAZE AUSTIN and ROMAN MAVERICK. RIKK YORK royally fucked by FX RIOS and DAMIEN VASQUEZ. HANS BERLIN’s request fuck from 8th Wonder of the World: ESTEBAN’s cock. And a pack of dogs so hot – ya gotta see them to believe them – masters JONAH FONTANA and ALEKS BULDOCEK with their puppies LORENZO FLEXX and TYLER GRIZ.

Scene 1 - Pump and Double Dump

NUTSDEEPBB is a life-long Treasure Island Media fan. He doesn’t seem to know that he has a few fans of his own from his online breeding exploits. Which makes perfect sense since he learned from the best.
I have never had so many people contact me as I did after word got out I met NutsdeepBB. He came in and filmed a Bruthaload and I knew there was no way I couldn’t get him fucking on camera.
We had JASON COX set up taking anonymous loads for So You Wanna Be A Cumdump 2. I don’t think there is anything that NutsDeep likes more than a cummy hole. He hadn’t shot a load in 4 or 5 days when he walked in and watched Jason taking his 3rd load of the day. Nutsdeep slid right in and lived up to his name - dumping his cum balls deep in Jason’s ass. But he wasn't finished - the whole thing turned him on so much - or maybe he’s just a horny dog. He keeps fucking until he breeds Jason a second time without barely every pulling out.

Scene 2 - Uncut Ginger

LEANDER was visiting New York and I wanted to hook him up with one of Treasure Island’s very finest bottom men. Happily CAEDON CHASE has cum back to the TIM fold and jumped at the chance to get the ginger’s uncut cock and cum. The chemistry in this scene is off the charts. Caedon’s eagerness to please made the top man’s dick harder and harder. Leander starts off having the bottom worship his shaft and then fucking his face hard before rimming his hole in preparation for a good fucking. Leander power pounds Caedon’s ass from behind, pile driving his cock with manic thrusts. He then gets Caedon on his back for some more rough stabs and finally has him ride his tool, letting him milk the meat for the load he knows he is going to get.

Scene 3 - Cavity Search

Jason Cox is a pleasure. He loves cock and getting fucked so much, you can see the glee on his face when he is placed in a room on all 4’s with these two big black uncut monsters.
I love DEEP DICC. He brought his friend - the new to porn - enthusiastic LEON HOLT along with him and when not telling Jason what to do, directs Leon on the art of man pussy fucking. Deep gets his prick sucked telling Jason to go deep “like it’s a cavity search” - while Leon gets down to penetrating. The two tops take turns getting Jason’s hole completely open and hungry to get wet. Deep loves to fuck a cum filled man-cunt, so he eggs Leon on, encouraging him to get his load in Jason’s butt so he can use the cum for lube and breed the boy good.

Scene 4 - A Quick Breeding

Real life partners BLAZE AUSTIN and ROMAN MAVERICK asked if they could fuck for me and since I’m not crazy, I immediately said yes, c’mon over. I know Blaze as a super bottom in his own right, so I jumped at the chance to see his fat frat cock fucking power bottom Roman. Horny and eager to show off, Blaze and Roman go at each other with Blaze bossing Roman around, having his joystick sucked, then eating the ass and inspecting the hole that he is going to mount and use. Did I mention Blaze’s thick hard dick? Ass to mouth, dick to hole, fucking and riding – these two lovers show us what it must be like to be a fly on the wall of their bedroom when Blaze has cum in his balls and needs a good warm place to put it in.

Scene 5 - Need To Cum

RIKK YORK wanted to get fucked and just kept telling me he wanted BIG dicks. I somehow had the good fortune to not only bring in both FX RIOS and DAMIEN VASQUEZ, but to get the two tops at a moment when neither of them had shot a load in a several days. Translation - - - they both needed to cum.
This is how a tag team should be done. Damien - his ebony uncut dick with the foreskin that pulls back to reveal the pink dick head - and FX - with his stunning uncut Latin schlong - take turns, feeding off each other’s fucking energy as Rikk luxuriates in getting his popper-fueled hole worked over. As each man fucks him, Rikk seduces the other one, letting each know how much more he wants their cock inside him.
Finally, the guys cannot hold back. The need to cum is too great and lucky Rikk gets soaked with sperm.

Scene 6 - Request Concert

Over the last year, just about every bottom I have met has asked me for one thing. The dick of ESTEBAN. And once it is going to happen – they then go through a combination of incredulous excitement and total fear over the prospect of actually getting fucked by it. Let’s face it – you and I would too!  HANS BERLIN begged me for months to get fucked and bred by Esteban. The first scheduled meeting got cancelled and that only added to literally months of Hans anticipating what it would be like to have THAT cock in his hole.
Now, lemme tell you something about Esteban. He ain’t fucking around. His dick is always rock hard before he drops his pants and he knows his cock is going in the hole whether the hole likes it or not. And… he doesn’t like to fuck with lube.
A couple of minutes of sucking and Esteban has Hans bent over presenting his ass to be penetrated. Hans is also rock hard, so his desire must have outweighed his nervousness – you will witness that moment when Esteban buries the shaft in deep before giving him a good hammering. And just when Hans thinks he has got it all the way in, Esteban goes a little deeper.
The encounter ends with Hans getting the opportunity to ride Esteban’s dick – which makes the top shoot – while Hans begs him not to cum yet. Moments later, Hans asks him if he would like to go again.

Scene 7 - RAW Dogging

I met JONAH FONTANA a couple of years ago and I can honestly say he is one of the most handsome men you will ever meet in person - he kind of takes my breath away. I also soon learned that when he cums, he has these geyser volcano cumshots with his jizz spurting 6 feet across the room. Jonah hit me up and told me he was going to be in town and he was bringing his pack with him. We’re talking a complete leather-geared puppy pack comprised of masters Jonah and ALEKS BULDOCEK and puppies LORENZO FLEXX and TYLER GRIZ.
I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, but sat back to enjoy the show. These dogs are serious. The commitment is complete and fascinating - and if you are like me and know very little about puppy play, I think you will find it as incredibly sexy as I do.
The scene starts off with about 10 minutes of puppy foreplay - for real - full growling, barking, sniffing and pawing - but keep an eye on Jonah’s hard PA bejeweled cock sticking out of his jock. This is about sex.
It doesn’t hurt that these guys are gorgeous. The real meat of the scene is the fucking and puppy loading. The masters take turns stretching out their bitches who eagerly offer up their mongrel holes for the superior dickmeat like a good puppy should. And when the time comes that master Jonah demands his pup Lorenzo fucks the other pup Tyler - well, trust me - we got some real good dawg breeding going down.

Bonus - Esteban and Hans take a shower

Raw Dogging includes a special bonus of Esteban and Hans taking an after fuck shower together. There is no fucking and no cumshots (Hans does a little sucking on Esteban's big dick) – it really is just two men showering when one of them has the other’s cum in his hole.
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