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Male Tales
Male Tales The Interactive Game

Cast:  Rick Bolton, Rob Cryston, Aaron Austin, Chris Green, Jack Dillon, Scott Randsome, Tom Katt, Vince Rockland

When it was released in DVD, the intention was that the viewer selects the different scenes in the order he wants.

The scenarios that unfold include a ranch-type setting, a porn theatre, a prison, etc. When you go in you'll see various cast members in various positions - all waiting for action.

The ranch and the jail cell are fun (Tom Katt in full cop uniform can't be bad, right?) The cast is pretty hot, and some of the set-ups and play-outs certainly are good.

Given that this movie is offered here as a single file, here will see it in a linear way.  But I guess you’re not here expecting a great story but rather good sex.
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