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SeanCody - 0864 - Rex
Released August 28, 2009
Rex is 30 years old and he's a little change of pace!

He's got a ripped body that is the result of years of "natural" body building. He's been competing in shows and hopes to take first in his division this season.

After working as a mortgage broker (yeah, I know) for most of his twenties, he's gone back to school to study accounting. His goal is to become a CPA.

The other thing that is unusual about Rex is that he's married.

"It's coming up on four years now," he said. "It's great. I love it."

I think the funniest thing he had to say was how he felt about flat-chested women: "You know, I have no personal distaste for them as people," he said tongue-in-cheek. Then he smiled and said: "I need boobs."
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