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Colt-Buckshot - Man to Man Heat (2001) DVD
VintageBarebackPre-Condomanaloralgeneral hardcorepre-condom
director Rip Colt

Beau Matthews
Bob Randall
Gunner Hyde
J.W. King
Josh (colt)
Killer Joe
Lloyd Kasper
Loren Marks
Mike Betts
Mike Davis
Moose (colt)
Pat (colt)
Rick Wolfmier
Rocco Rizzoli
Stutz (colt)
Terry (Nick Rogers)
Todd Baron
Werner Robles

Warning: Viewing this DVD may cause fevers, sweating, and possible spontaneous combustion!

The high temperatures radiated between two brawny Colt men have finally been captured on DVD. Buckshot Productions' first DVD compilation features all the hot, steamy, man-to-man magnetism that identifies Colt films as the leader of the pack in all-male erotica. More than two hours long, Man to Man Heat! features such an explosive cast of Colt superstars it could be cause for a three-alarm fire! Burn cream and bandages not included.

Man to Man Heat! includes Bob Randall and Moose in "The Love Tub", Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier in "Hawaiian Heat", Killer Joe and Gunner Hyde in their self-titled film "Gunner & Killer", Josh, Pat, and Terry in "Saturday Afternoon Fever", Mike Davis, Josh, and Werner in "The Best Laid Plans", Mike Davis and Lloyd Kasper in "Drive Shaft", Loren Marks and Beau Matthews in "Alley Cats", Gunner Hyde and Rocco Rizzoli in "Not So Straight", Todd Baron, J.W. King, and Loren Marks in "Three is a Dream", and Studz in the bizarre and erotic "Alter Ego".

1. The Love Tub 200'
Moose (colt), Bob Randall

2. Hawaiian Heat (Colt) 200'?
Rick Wolfmier, Mike Betts

3. Gunner & Killer
Gunner Hyde, Killer Joe

4. Saturday Afternoon Fever 200'

5. The Best Laid Plans
Mike Davis, Josh (colt), Werner Robles

6. Driveshaft (Colt)

7. Alter Ego
Stutz (colt)

8. Three is a Dream  
Todd Baron, J.W. King, Loren Marks

9. Not So Straight
Gunner Hyde, Rocco Rizzoli

10. Alley Cats (Buckshot)  
Loren Marks, Beau Matthews

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