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William Higgins - Wank Party #107, Part 1 RAW
We have a great line-up of guy in Wank Party #107, Igor Zobor, Igor Uganec, Ivanek Ukara and Linor Boucek. In this first part we find Ivanek and Libor on the bed looking at photos of guys on the phone. They decide to invite a couple of guys over and then Libor starts to kiss Ivanek and he begins to undress him too. Kissing on his chest and pulling the pants down Libor sucks on Ivanek's quickly growing dick. That big dick gets mighty hard as Libor's hot mouth and hand work on it. He sucks the cock and licks and kisses Ivanek who reaches to grope his friend. Ivanek's big cock fills LIbor's mouth as he sucks it. Ivanek's hands run over his friend's head and shoulders as he enjoys being sucked. Then Libor quickly strips off and kneels to have his rock hard cock sucked. Ivanek sucks on LIbor's throbbing cock as his own is wanked hard. He licks up and down Libor's shaft and sucks on the head of that fat cock as his big dick is wanked. Then Libor helps him off with his jeans and tee shirt so that both of them are naked. Libor goes down on Ivanek's big cock again as Igor and Igor arrive. Both Igors are keen to get involved, releasing their sitff cocks. Igor U lays on the bed as Ivanek to suck him while Libor works on the other Igor's rock hard cock. Ivanek sucks and kisses as Libor kneels for Igor Z to work his dick. Igor U then starts to suck Ivanek and wanks himself. His has one large cock in his hand and another big one in his mouth. Ivanek lays on the bed as Igor U continues to suck him hard. Libor and Igor Z kiss and the Libor lays down for more sucking of his dick. He is wanked and sucked by Igor Z, with more kissing too. The two Igors work hard on their friends' cocks and Ivanek leans over to share the sucking of Libor. Everything is poised for much more to come in part two.

Released: 10 April, 2019
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