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Treasure Island Media - TIM - Jon Galt, Vic Rocco And Jake Morgan Scene 7 from HARD CUTS III Russ Magnus Gangbang (Live Sex Show)
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Scene 7 from HARD CUTS III

One of the things that Liam Cole excels at is hosting large group orgies and gangbangs. He also likes an audience, so when he was invited to do a live sex show in front of an audience of passing by customers at a London sex club fetish shop he jumped at the chance. Getting RUSS MAGNUS to sign on as the group fuck receptacle was gold.

LINCOLN GATES helps set the atmosphere by blowing the crowd, making sure every dick is rock hard and ready. His enthusiasm shines through as he’s first in line for eat Russ’s hole before having the honor of opening him for the group. NATHAN GEAR helps Lincoln get a clear path by spreading those cheeks apart. Lincoln grabs the ez-fuck bottom by the shoulders and pulls him onto his dick before swapping out with Nathan.

As partygoers join in, the group grows and so does the rotation of cocks in Russ’ twat. SAM PORTER, LACHLAN MYERS, ZAC DORS, VINCE WALKER and even some horny random strangers watching - one by one step up to fuck or get their dick sucked. Russ takes all cummers who dump their loads one after the other. BRUCE JORDAN shows up at the end to felch: “Some mess” he exclaims, “I gotta eat that.” wallowing in cleaning up the cum dripping puddles of spooge.
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