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BG Enterprise - Rip And Strip Wrestling 4 : Brad King vs Ren Adams (2011)
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The wrestlers are even in height, weight, strength and determination. The edge that Ren Adams has on Brad King is a bit more wrestling knowledge and a little more aerobic conditioning. It takes almost 23 minutes in the first fall until Brad King says 'Uncle'! The ripping and stripping of the tight jeans and T-shirt takes that long as well. It's not that Ren didn't ask King to submit before, but Brad's determination not to give temporarily saves his ass. At the end of the first fall it is obvious that Brad's energy has ebbed. Ren takes advantage by spanking Brad's hard ass. You can tell Brad doesn't like it, but Ren has him immobilized in a tough wrestling hold. The more that Ren spanks, the more that Brad rebels. Eventually he's out of that spanking trap and turning the tables on Ren Adams. That makes Ren very, very angry and it's a short distance then to Brad's final capitulation in a second fall 'Uncle'. That takes all the remaining energy from Brad. He lays, face down on the mat, highly vulnerable. Ren gives Brad's butt hole a good rimming which sets him up for a good fucking. Brad may grimace and moan, but his cumming while being fucked means he is definitely turned on by his 'loss'...

Cast: Brad King, Ren Adams
Release Date: 05/13/2011
Length: 38 Minutes
Studio: Can-Am Productions / BG Enterprise
Homepage: N/A
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