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Catalina - Mountain Jock
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Way up high in the mountains of California lives a man of true desire. A rugged, handsome man, built as solid as the mountains that surround him. I want to be the one who lies next to him at the end of a hard day's work. Filling his primal needs like animals in the night. There would be no greater pleasure than to please this special breed of man. When ever I fantasize about sex in the great outdoors I picture this man, larger than life, waiting for me. I call him Mountain Jock. He's one of a kind. .

1. Jeff Mitchell and his boyfriend, Steve O'Donnell, take turns topping each other in their L.A. apartment.

2. Steve Rambo and his boyfriend, Tony Brocco hit the bedroom for some hot action.

3. Steve Rambo and Eduardo get off with some steamy phone sex.

4. Brad Ericksen makes a deal with Gio Romano, but Brad ends up being part of the deal.

5. Eric Marx and Steve Rambo have a good time while their lovers are out.

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