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MissionaryBoys - Elder Packer - The Calling - With (Bishop Angus)
Elder Packer - The Calling - With (Bishop Angus)

Released: 3 May 2019
Duration: 19m 08s

Curly-haired Elder Packer is a bright-eyed bushy-tailed boy with the face and temperament of an angel. He has no idea whathe has in store for him as he makes his way through the ceremonial steps required to join The Order. Nonetheless, he is excited to move forward in his mission. While he may not know exactly what The Order is, he does know that he feels an incredible sense of purpose and direction in his life now that he has started his journey. That is already more than he could have ever asked for, and he is willing to give up everything to sustain that feeling.

Bishop Angus can sense this eagerness in the boy right away and knows exactly how to adapt to the situation. In Packer’s case, Angus must put up a colder front than he normally would. By doing so, he hopes to temper the boy’s expectations and let him know that his journey towards the higher ranks of The Order will not be an easy one.
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