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Treasure Island Media - Caedon's Bang Bang
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Released June 2012

CAEDON CHASE gets loaded up by superstuds BRAD McGUIRE, CHAD BROCK, EDDIE, COLIN STEELE, and LOGAN STEVENS  as he delivers a breakout performance that has us calling him the TIM fuckhole du jour. We threw him to this horny sexpack of men who wanted to make sure he didn’t forget he had signed on to be fucked until cum was leaking out his eyeballs. Colin, CHAD, Brad, Champ, Eddie and Logan go at the fuckhole relentlessly, taking turns ramming him up and down on a couch, in every which way imaginable. The boy’s hole has so much cum in it already that, almost immediately, white stuff drips out his butt. By the end of the bang, all the men are well spent, their sperm seeded deep in CAEDON's used and exploited hole. As for this cumpuppy, the look on his face at the end tells you he couldn't be happier.

(from T.I.M.'s Park & Ride)

Length: 13:46
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