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Military Classified - Townsend 2
Released July 26, 2019

Townsend is back and this little studly straight white boy is back and this time I've convinced him to let me sit on that beautiful piece of meat he possess! The blowjob lead to me just not even saying anything and took the action and lubed up that cock and promptly sat down on it over and over again! Watch as this poor straight boy is just no match the for the fierce force that comes behind one of Rob's bj's

Townsend hails from Arizona and made his way all the way out to California with his wife of all people looking for money making opportunities and he came across me and what I was offering him, he liked, and one conversation led to another and soon he was at my front door ready to get his dick wet... so to speak.

We did all the familiar things I do before I actually take a model to the next bedroom and Townsend was a bit intimidated by the professionalism I presented but when we made our way to the bedroom, I was ready to get as naked and dirty as possible without looking to obvious and when the cameras rolled, I made sure I had him butt naked first.

The blowjob went as planned and I was making great strides with him as I began to notice that he wasn't expecting all this attention on his dick and before long he was rock hard status and a bit embarrassed by it but before he had a chance to react, I very smoothly and quickly took off my shorts and put a handful of lube on my hand and wet his willy.

I sat down on his cock and it was heaven because he's the perfect size... not too large and not too small... just right.. partysize! The pounding took a turn and soon I was cowboy backwards on his cock bouncing up and down driving him to the point of no return which was music to my ears as I saw him tense up quick and the words "i'm about to cum" were so melodic to hear as he blew that load up my ass and outside of my ass!
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