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Gemini Studios How To Fuck A Str8 Man
The question I get asked most often is: how do you get a straight guy to have gay sex. The short answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, but in reality it takes a lot of physical and mental prep. Like the line from the movie The Boys in The Band says, right lighting, right wine and damn few aren't curious'' seem to ring true time and time again. The guys get to know and trust me during their practice shoots, and often their very first same sex sexual encounter is with me. I know it's a tough job, and the line forms to the right! These videos were never meant to be seen; they were strictly ''practice.'' In some of the older ones the camera shake is terrible before I learned different set ups to film them wile I was fucking them. (You try holding a camera while your cock is up a straight guy's ass and see how steady you are!) The few people who had seen these tapes have been bugging me to release them and I have to say it was fun putting this together. A sort of high school annual for the Gemini School of Anal Sex.

Scene 1:

First up is Chuck, a heavily tattooed 29-year-old man who totally fooled me. I found him at the very same 7-11 that I met Mike Scott at 5 years later. And also like Mike, he looked so tough I almost didn't approach him. But looks can be deceiving and I found he was surprisingly intelligent and though very masculine, somewhat shy and soft-spoken. Here he sucks dick and gets fucked, like he says for ''almost the first time'' and then shoots a HUGE load on the mirror. He probably holds the record for the most voluminous ejaculations I have ever seen!
Scene 2:

Next is Skip.

A 23-year-old tow-headed blonde with the blondest body hair I have ever seen, Skip was a trip. He and his Mom are gypsies and travel around the country with different scams watch out for him! He has an air of innocence that doesn't hold water. But he sucks a good cock and looks great on his back with his legs in the air!

Scene 3:

Jake was a total oral and anal virgin. I think you can tell by his ''deer in the headlights'' look when he sees a dick for the first time! He's a trooper and does really well actually seeming to enjoy his first taste of cock!

Scene 4:

This is the only footage I have released of Sonny and I am not sure why. He's blonde and tanned and has a fat dick. He was not successful in his training session and I decided to show this as proof that even I strike out sometimes...maybe that's what I haven't released his footage.

Scene 5:

I have gotten so many requests to see Derrick get fucked that I knew from the start that this footage would make the cut! One of the best-looking men I have ever seen, Derrick exudes masculine straight charm. And he sucks dick and gets fucked so naturally that even I was amazed. Derrick has been in a lot of videos for me: his own Signature Series, several JackBuddies and Derrick's Secret, but this footage is by far the hottest of this very hot man! I always wanted him to do a flip-flop fuck with his friend Clay...maybe I'll work on making that happen!

Scene 6:

Lance is a cute boy next door, just starting to get chest hair and not sure what this whole grown-up thing is about. He's a bit shy but always wanted to do more and push the he pushes it all the way.
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