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Badpuppy - Jonas Jackson and Tommy Sparks
Hairy MuscleAnalKissingOralOtterRimmingSuckingUncut
Jonas and Tommy

Release Date: Nov 17, 2018
Running Time: 00:22:05
Studio: BadPuppy

The interview is cut short because Tommy Sparks and Jonas Jackson can’t keep their hands off of each other. The two of them are soon lip-locked and at the same time, stripping off each other’s clothes. They are soon butt-ass naked with Jonas on his knees servicing Tommy’s cock. Tommy soon directs Jonas towards the sofa where bends over, offering his ass to Jonas. Jonas dives in, shoving his tongue as deep as it will go; priming Tommy’s hole for his thick piece of man-meat. When Jonas feels like Tommy’s hole is ready for his cock he stands and literally shoves his dick right up Tommy’s ass. Tommy takes Jonas’ dick quite easily and then Jonas begins fucking the heck out of his hole. The ass-pounding continues with Tommy on his back and legs in the air. Tommy jacks his cock with every thrust of Jonas’ body. You can see in Tommy’s face that he’s about to lose it. Jonas starts fucking harder and faster. Tommy’s balls disappear and he blows his load all over his hot, ripped abs. Jonas pulls out, grabs his cock and as he starts jacking, let’s just say that he sprays a lot of creamy jizz all over Tommy.
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