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Sean Cody - 2576 - Landon and Cole Bareback (720p)
Released April 13, 2019

After teaching Cole how to train his abs, rock hard Landon shows him how to take his cock. “I heard a rumor that not only is he a good guy but he can take a good pounding,” says Landon. “I typically like rough sex. I like someone that can take charge, toss me around a little bit,” says Cole. “I’m excited to see how much of a pounding he can take because I’m ready to give one,” says Landon excited to “get kind of kinky and get kind of freaky and let it all out.”

(Uploader's Note: Except for the outdoor shots / intro from 2:20 - 3:38, the rest of the vid is all washed out, devoid of any vivid colours. Whoever edited this should be fired, sorry. And management should've sent it back and have it color-corrected prior to release. The trailer's colours looks way better, for pete's sake.)
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