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Mormon Boyz - ATONEMENT – Bishop Gibson and President Faust - 720
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Released: Feb. 7, 2018

President Faust has always had a good rapport with other members of The Order. Their fraternal order and bondsof brotherhood connected the priesthood holders in ways that few could imagine. But there are levels of seniority even within such an all-male collective. And as such, those at the top must never be questioned or disobeyed.

Bishop Gibson has been a loyal and faithful servant, overseeing the inspection and induction of many young missionaries, bringing them into the fold and instructing them on how to please his fellow leaders. His youthful demeanor and spirit is familiar and appealing to the younger boys, making him an effective tool in recruitment.

Still, he knows his place and yields to his superiors. He knows how to behave and when to engage. And while his obedience has been unwavering, President Faust is determined to maintain discipline.

President Faust sees the way his stable of young missionaries fawn of Bishop Gibson.
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