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Boys on Film 1: Hard Love (2009) PAL DVD9
Peccadillo PicturesLGBTShortGay ThemeTrans ThemeErotic FilmGay ZombieHandsomeHunkDragSpeedoDisfiguredCowboysLondonParisHoop-UpsRelationshipLove
This long awaited compilation showcases ten incredible short films and documentaries that deal with all aspects of modern gay life, created by some of the hippest directors and hottest actors around.
Amongst all the gorgeous eye candy and hot encounters, these imaginative and challenging shorts tackle a wide range of contemporary topics - the pitfalls of online cruising, falling in love with your straight best friend, long distance lovers, growing old and gay gracefully - not to mention a fantastic mix of gay rodeos, sexually frustrated zombies and hunky Australian men in Speedos!

With over 2 hours worth of content and featuring some shorts which have never been shown in the UK before, `Boys on Film' is essential viewing and more importantly, contains something for everyone of every persuasion!

Directors: Hong Khaou, Michael Simon, Jason Bushman, Timothy Smith, Jean Baptiste Erreca, Damien Rea, Tim Hunter, John Winter, Max Barber
Country: UK
Language: English
Format: PAL
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 147 mins
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
DVD Release Date: 09-03-2009

Summer – Dir. Hong Khaou
Starring Peter Peralta, Jay Brown
It is said that if one succeeds in catching a falling leaf in mid-flight, then a wish will be granted. Leung and Will, two teenagers, venture into the woods to catch themselves a wish but Leung longs for something that Will isn’t willing to give. A touching tale about the anxiety and excitement of a boy wanting to kiss his best friend.

Gay Zombie – Dir. Michael Simon
Starring Ryan Carlberg, Brad Bilanin, Robin McDonald
A sexually confused zombie meets a boy and eats another in this hilarious yet touching tale about how much more the heart bleeds when undead love is not reciprocated.

Serene Hunter – Dir. Jason Bushman
Starring Eric Debets, Jonathan Stringat, Flannan Obé

Luc is more interested in sweaty hook ups than romance, cruising the busy streets of Paris for his next brief encounter. However, the cynical Luc can’t avoid love entirely and eventually must decide between the thrill of the chase or settling into a solid relationship.

Le Weekend – Dir. Timothy Smith
Starring Omar, Fernando Peres

A young, cynical French film student armed with a Super 8 camera comes to London to experience the sights and sounds. He soon befriends a stranger who shows him a side of the city he never thought he would see.
Official Selection, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Winner, Best Short Film, Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Winner, Jury Award, Calgary Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Cowboy Forever – Dir. Jean Baptiste Erreca
Starring Jones de Araújo, Ronald Rosa

Fictionalized from a true story, this docu-drama takes us on a journey through Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul and into the lives of a pair of Brazilian gauchos, one of whom, Govinda, has an irrepressible attraction to fellow cowboy John.

Scarred – Dir. Damien Rea
Starring Chris Anderson, David Durham

The once handsome Rafi has a recently disfigured face that makes it difficult for him to meet other men. When a close friend introduces him to Joe, Rafi feels strangely drawn to the stranger. Yet he isn’t sure why Joe doesn’t seem to mind his scars and as Rafi knows only too well, appearances are deceiving…
Winner of the PlanetOut Short Movie Awards

Packed Lunch – Dir. Tim Hunter
Many swimwear designers, Speedo fanatics and its creator Peter Travis discuss why it is that gay men can’t seem to get enough of these tight fitting trunks.

Mirror, Mirror – Dir. John Winter
Starring Roy Billing

Joe’s glory days as Jana, the glamorous drag queen, are well behind him. Sitting before his familiar vanity mirror, Joe faces the difficult decision of saying goodbye to his alter ego – but feisty Jana won’t fade away without a fight.
Official Selection, Frameline International Film Festival

VGL Hung! Dir. Max Barber
Starring Marcus Proctor, Ashley Ryder

Bored and ignored, a magical website gives short and unattractive Terry the powers to transform himself into any hunk he desires. However, being handsome and hung doesn’t make life any easier. Featuring many Eurocreme stars, this is a witty modern day fairytale about how ruthless the gay scene can be.

12 movie trailers: {4:30, Avril, Circuit, East Side Story, Finn’s Girl, Four Minutes, Holding Trevor, Saxon, Sun Kissed, When Boys Fly, XXY, You Belong To Me}

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