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YMAC - Jacks Are Better (1983) DVD5
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Deal yourself a winning hand with YMAC’s Jacks Are Better. the first deal has two young friends enjoying Jackson’s young french cousing Jacque, shooting the moon in every conceivable position. A scene sure to give you a royal flush. The second deal continues when young Jacque leaves Jack and Jackson to play a few more hands between themselves. The resulting two inside straights are sure to give you a pat hand. The third deal has Jack playing solitaire for our cameras and you, and he deals himself a full hand. It’s a gusher! There’s no bluffing in the last deal as two dark haired beauties with winning bodies bet, and raise each other to the limit! Play with our Five-Card-Studs in Jacks Are Better and YOU come out the winner!

Jacks Are Better is one of our earliest films, literally, shot on 8mm back in the late 70’s. Could be early 80’s, the intro disco music was available in both decades. A cast of all Jacks (and a Jocky – close enough), there is no theme, just good ole’ fashion gay sex from hot, young guys in a more carefree time.

CAST LIST: Jack Shane, Jack Steele, Marty James (Jocky), Jacque & Jack Hoff.

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