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William Higgins - Str8hell - Alan Hemar - HOT ASS (1080p)
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Released: 30 October 2018

Alan Hemar looks so good as he lays on the bed, bared chested, and feels his body. He gropes himself through his shorts as a helping hand arrives and kneels beside him. The hand run over Alan's hot body and one soon reaches into the shorts for a quick tease. The shorts are opened and the hand takes hold of Alan's cock. The shorts are pulled off as Alan's cock seems to becoming engorged. Oil is dripped onto the cock and the nipples. The hands rub the oil into Alan's chest, working down to his cock. The cock and balls are rubbed coating them in oil. More oil is dripped onto the cock and it is wanked, quickly growing harder. As more oil is used the cock and balls are groped and rubbed. Then Alan's legs are raised to expose his ass and the hot hole. A hand rubs over the ass as the other rubs the big balls. Soon a finger rubs over the hot hole and slides deep inside. Alan's ass is fingered deeply as his cock is wanked. Two fingers then push into the ass, all the way to the knuckles, fucking in and out. His cock gets rock hard and is wanked as the two fingers fuck his ass hard. Then the fingers are removed to show that hole again. They soon push all the way inside again to continue fucking. Alan is turned over, onto his knees to show off the ass some more. His cock is pulled back between his legs and wank more. That sexy hole gets fingered some more too before a dildo is pushed deep inside. As his ass is fucked deep the wanking gets faster too. Then the toy is discarded and two fingers fuck that hole so hard as his cock releases a stream of creamy cum all over the bed.

Actor: Alan Hemar
Height: 168cm/5'6"
Weight:   65kg/143lb
Penis Size: 16cm/6.3"

Duration : 21 min 46 s
1920x1080 4000kbps
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