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Corbin Fisher - ACM2442 - Reagan and Josh's Sauna Fuck (1080p)
(Originally released as Corbin Fisher Select #0513.)

Added: March 29, 2019  |  Video Length: 23:58

Sure, spending some quality time in a hot sauna in Scandinavia is a bit cliche. But don't worry - Josh and Reagan manage to make their time in the sauna quite the special affair with a scorching hot, sweaty fuck! There's an undeniable truth regarding these two: they're horny and they're hung. How could we let only one get fucked in this hot video when each is packing an impressive cock and has a flawless ass?! If it wasn't hot enough in that sauna already, the temperatures really shoot through the roof as these two studs take turns burying their dicks in one another and fuck their way to intense orgasms. Along with the extended b-roll footage of Josh and Reagan hanging out with some of the guys and letting us get to know them even better, this is surely one of Scandalous in Scandinavia's most scandalous episodes!
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