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Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Cum Ons 3: Feeling Him Out (DVD5, 2005)
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Feeling Him Out - Brazilian Cum Ons #3, the third in a series of six titles, eight more horny uncut Brazilians show how a bit of simple conversation can lead to hot hook-ups for man-to-man sex! First, Mateus Fernandes reads through a gay porn magazine when his friend Diego Lozano drops by. Diego insists that his dick is nicer than any of the other dicks pictured in the pages of the magazine, leading to Diego topping Mateus on the floor, then Mateus gets his turn to top Diego from behind! Next, Rico Vidal cruises for sex online and gets horny when he sees a picture of Llucas De Donas. Llucas comes over for the two to take turns topping and bottoming for each other. Then, Leon Pavia comes home from school to find Darien Leon waiting in bed for him. Leon proves his love for Darien by plugging Darien from behind. Finally, Leonardo Carcia tells Juan Pena that he's horny, and Juan helps his friend out by topping and bottoming for him!

Director:   Alexander

Mateus Fernandes   Leonardo Carcia   Leon Pavia   Yago   Rico Vidal   Juan Pena   Lucas De Lonas   Diego Lozano

DVD Features:
Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection

Length: 76 minutes

MPEG 720x480 5000kb/s

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