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Hot House - Wood Work (2008) DVD
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(11 days, 15 hours, 47 minutes remaining)
director Robert Drake

Eddie Diaz
Francesco D'Macho
Kyle King
Ross Hurston
Tim Kruger
Tony Mecelli
Ty LeBeouf
Tyler Johnson (us)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two straight men just up and fucked? Or what would happen if your hot boss caught you fucking on the job? Ever wanted to see it? Well here is your chance because Hot House Video's WOODWORK does just that and more.

Scene one opens with Tyler Johnson cutting wood, well cutting 2x4's the wood part comes later, on some really manly machine. Francesco D' Macho walks in shirtless and hunky carrying in some wood. Tyler starts talking to Francesco but is looking around to see if anyone is coming. His intentions are starting to become more obvious, Francesco starts to rub his stomach saying how hungry he is, while also looking around, and that's when Tyler speaks up, "I have something for you to eat right here." They lock into a passionate embrace. Quickly Francesco drops to his knees to focus more on Tyler's huge cock, his meal has only begun. Francesco works off Tyler's jock strap, everything is up in the air from there, and just when you think the scene is over, things start to get interesting.

As Tyler licks his own cum off of Francesco, the boss Ross Hurston walks in and sees what is going on at his work site. Immediately Ross fires Tyler, "You get out of here, you're fired!" and walks over to Francesco, "Since I'm paying for blow jobs, suck on this." He says as he whips out his penis and thrusts it into Francesco's face, who starts to suck on it eagerly. Ross loves this and is moaning, "You want to fuck with the boss man?" When Ross tires of getting head he flips Francesco over a workbench and starts to fuck him hard, as if to show him who is in charge. After a while of Ross slamming his cock into Francesco, Francesco pushes Ross off of him, grabs him and turns the tables on Ross, he grabs Ross's leg, puts it on the work bench, and bends him over. At first Ross looks like he objects but his objections quickly turn to eagerness, "Come on man, FUCK ME!" Ross commands, and Francesco doesn't disappoint. Now it's Francesco's turn to get off. He works himself into a sitting position with Ross riding his cock up and down. After some time they transition into a really hot jerk-off session, Ross cums first with Francesco following shortly after, as Francesco watches Ross stroke himself the scene ends with Ross running his hands through his own cum and then licking it off his fingers.

Scene three, which is one of the hottest on the whole DVD, starts off with Francesco D' Macho and Jim Kruger pushing around some equipment on a site eagerly awaiting the arrival of their beer. It soon becomes apparent when Kyle King shows up with the beer that it's not all they were waiting for. "Why don't you open this one up?" Francesco says as he motions to Jim's already open bottle of beer in front of Jim's bulging blue jeans. "Yes sir," says Kyle as he falls to his knees in front of Jim and excitedly pulls apart Jim's pants to work on his HUGE cock. Not wanting to be left out, as if that was going to happen, Francesco takes his dick out and starts to stroke it, when this happens Kyle can't decide which one he wants more so he starts jumping back and forth between the two impressive penises. He really seems to love blowing his buddies. Francesco is a little rough with Kyle, but then again he is just the go-to-bitch, but he never loses his beer. Kyle finally whips out his beautiful dick and starts to jerk off as he continues to go back and forth between his two coworkers. As Kyle's Mouth gets passed between the two of them, Francesco decides to rip his own shirt off buttons and all, to show off his incredibly hot body. He runs his hands across his ripped torso and all over Jim's hot body too. As more clothes start to come off things only get hotter when Francesco and Jim decide it's time for some double penetration, "What?" asks Kyle as Francesco and Jim start to put him into position. That's the only sign of an objection because it soon becomes obvious that he loves getting pounded by Francesco as he is sucking on Jim's cock. "You want to fuck him?" Francesco asks Jim a while later, and now it's Jim and his huge dick's turn to pound Kyle's ass. Kyle takes it like a champ but the look on his face makes my ass hurt, you can tell its painful but that he loves it at the same time, he is taking it pretty hard and his moans border on that pain/pleasure threshold but he never stops sucking on Francesco. After a lot more pounding of Kyle's ass the scene ends with Francesco and Jim cumming all over their little bitch-boy's face.

This (video/DVD) offers a variety of horny construction worker scenarios, and we all know those hard working men play the same way. This movie includes men fucking in work boots, riming, facials, three-ways, and role reversals guaranteed to blow more then just your mind. Hot bodies, big dicks, and amazing sex scenes make this movie a must see.
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