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HelixStudios - Twink Confessions Volume 5
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Twink Confessions Volume 5

Release Date: July 5, 2019
Run Time: 155 minutes
Studio: HelixStudios
Country: USA
Director: Alex Roman, Casey Roman

Models in this Movie:
Blake Mitchell, Leo Frost, Shane Cook, Angel Rivera, Andy Taylor, Jared Scott, Travis Stevens, Tristan Adler


#Helix is our super popular series where the guys answer all your deep probing questions, AND act out all your raunchy requests via twitter! This collection combines our BIGGEST bone slingers with our most beautiful bubble bootied bottoms for an orgasmically explosive good time! Get to know our best boys, inside and out!

Scenes 1: #Helix: Blake Mitchell and Leo Frost

One of our most popular series, #Helix is back with fan fav's Blake Mitchell and Leo Frost answering your dirty questions and requests from Twitter. The dynamic duo delve deep, answering all your erotic inquiries and never shy away from a raunchy request! They discuss several sultry topics such as sex outside filming, Blake's super hot wrestling past and we even hear about little Leo's one time as a top! The risque requests range from spanking to tickling and REALLY get the ball rolling in this long, hard raw dogger! After an especially sexy spanking, Mr. Mitchell is horned up by his hot handprint branded on Frost's fiercely fuckable fanny. He decides to investigate further and spreads the twink's tail wide open, stroking the smooth circle before breaking the surface as a tasty tease of whats to cum. Your questions and requests ALWAYS get the guys riled up, but this round sends them on a rambunctious rollercoaster ride where Leo gets laid EVERY which way and Blake slings dick like the dom DICKtator of your dreams! The tantric tension builds along the way with "all you can eat" butt and boner buffets, before Blake buries that uncut ass assassin into Leo's loins and annihilates him with every think, uncut inch. Blake dominates the little dude's dick hungry hole, steering him towards a tidal wave of pleasure with his hands around his neck. We're even treated to some delicious dirty talk AND some ass filled acrobatics when Blake bangs the boy mid-air! After that amazing feat, Blake lays back on the bed like the bang boss he is, allowing Leo to bounce on his bone before flipping his fuck toy and bringin' it home! Frost opens like a faucet, flooding his chiseled physique with a piping hot load of liquid fuck. Blake keeps his eyes glued to his guy as he gains momentum before erupting. His rod rockets white hot fuel, nailing Frost right in the face and leaves a lusty trail all the way down to his satisfied schlong. Mitchell takes in the sticky site, cock in hand and still convulsing with pure pleasure before going in for a final kiss.

Scenes 2: #helix: Angel Rivera and Shane Cook

Our porntastic series #Helix is back with a top notch, naughty fuck from our favorite new top and bottom, Shane Cook and Angel Rivera! The guys answer deep probing questions, and act out every dirty deed asked of them from fuck hungry fans on Twitter. Thanks to your deliciously dirty minds the sexy studs start off with a bang! It's the pretty pair's first time together, and your erotic request for deep, passionate kisses breaks the ice for the fucktastic fantasy couple, loosening them up to answer every query in deliciously dirty detail. The guys chat talk filming in Vegas, their future dreams, favorite fuck positions and much, MUCH more. The questions move to requests and both boys get asked to flex. They show off their beautiful biceps and bounce their perfect pecs while stealing sultry glances at each other as the sexual tension builds. Shane tickles Angel's feet by request before they get asked to spank one another's bare bottoms. Naturally, Angel bends over first and gets his fanny flogged by Shane's heavy hand. Cook bends over next and gets more than into it, asking Angel to spank his hind end harder! Raunchy Rivera mentions he likes it better when Cook cracks HIS caboose. Shane takes the hint and gives smacks the dude's donk with a porn perfect open palm before they can no longer resist locking lips. From then on it's every fan fuck fantasy cum to life! A masterful make out session goes down while Rivera handles Cook's beer can cock as Shane soothes Angel's cherry cheeked, freshly spanked backside with soft, smooth, back seat caresses. Rivera kneels down to worship Cook's super sized uncut cock and receives a side of dirty talk along with the main course of meat from Cook and his King sized cock. The hot hunk wraps his huge arms around his naughty new partner, then lays him down to deliver a delicious dick licking. Shane tosses Rivera's well worked out legs in the air and goes ham on the hottie's hind end, eating, spitting, spreading and fingering the fine assed fella's fuck hole. Our strongman scoops up his lusty latin; then, he places him back down on his big bareback bone. It takes Angel's tight end a second to accommodate all Shane has to offer; but soon enough, the beautiful boy is jumping for jock joy, filling the room with the sweet sound of ball slapping, seat slamming. Cook orders Rivera onto his knees, remembering doggy style is the dude's favorite pound position. Shane piston pounds his boy's back door to a perfectly pervy pulp. Rivera relaxes into the raw ramming, enjoying every thick dick thrust, prostate pound as his piece sways around with pure pleasure. He orders Shane to "get all the way up in there." Finally the fuck is too fantastic and Rivera's rager needs some release. He reaches down while commanding Cook to "keep hittin' that;" then, he blasts the cock smeared leather couch with his extra large, latin load. Angel's orgasmic ass satisfaction sends Shane over the edge and he immediately explodes, annihilating Rivera's raw rump with blow after blow of fresh fuck flow. Cook crams his still convulsing cum gun back up Angel's wide open ass, gifting Rivera's gorgeous gape with every ounce of his oozy heat.

Scenes 3: #Helix: Andy Taylor and Jared Scott

Our popular porntastic series, #Helix always puts you, the fans in the driver’s seat, allowing you unprecedented access to your favorite boys! With a cock heavy combo of your questions and requests via Twitter, we deliver the salacious sex scene YOU'VE created. This round of raunchy good fun finds fan favorites Jared Scott and Andy Taylor taking your orders and fulfilling your fantasies. The guy’s answer your probes about what it’s like to work in porn, and for Andy, what it’s like returning to the fold along with other erotic inquiries. The tasty twosome are already wrapped up in one another’s orgasmic auras, holding hands while answering each erotic ask, without hesitation. The fans always deliver racy requests that rev the guys up and set the scene for a severely hot sex session. These two take your orders very seriously and as a result, please one another with perfect, porny hard pounding action. They service one another equally, with red hot hummers, deep tonguing anal exams, and hard hammering backdoor, bareback ass action! This extra hot edition of #Helix builds to an explosive climax, covering cum whore Taylor with a salty seed shower to that pretty- fuck me boy face of his!

Scenes 4: #Helix: Travis Stevens and Tristan Adler

Tristan Adler and Travis Stevens have a fun, frisky chemistry together which really shines through in this #Helix scene, our popular series where fan favorites answer your questions and requests from Twitter. Already great buddies, the boys don’t shy away from being honest with one another, which is evident from the very beginning when Travis admits Tristan always calls him out on his shit. It's game on from here on out as the guys spill the tea on absolutely everything, all while keeping it fun and engaging. Stevens talks about real life boyfriend, Ashton Summers licking his feet, AND expanding his sexual horizons (and asshole) with fisting for the first time! The guys get deep, (pun intended) when chatting about life, and “The Matrix;” then, they lighten it back up with talk about road head, swallowing, and much, much more! The requests range from tickling, to spanking and ear nibbling, which kicks the guys into high gear for a balls to the wall, bareback bang-fest! After swapping spit, Tristan tastes the young muscle stud’s shredded torso all the way down to his dick. His deep throating skills are always on point; but, Stevens slams the twink’s handsome head down on that “D” for extra added hotness! Then, the dirty blond does a delicious number on Adler’s ample appendage, gulping down every thick inch before Tristan asks for an ass fucking. Travis spins the tight bodied twink around, then quickly crams the entire length of his log up the horny hottie’s, hungry hole. He wraps his muscled arm around the boy to keep control, then reaches down and spreads the slut’s smooth seat wide open to drill deeper. The titanic top tenderizes Tristan’s tight tail during a raunchy ride before standing and planting his feet firm on the ground to cement his fuck foundation. Then, he REALLY drives some dick home! He remembers Adler enjoys a little love choke; and so, he delivers, causing Tristan to bust all over his smooth stomach! Stevens keep cocking full steam ahead, until he blasts his boy's freshly fucked butt with hot cream; which, he crams back in, balls deep before sealing this smash with a sweaty kiss.
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