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MormonBoyz - Elder Dalton - Second Anointing (with President Lee)
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MormonBoyz - Elder Dalton - Chapter 5 - Second Anointing (with President Lee)


President Lee watched closely as Bishop Hart fucked deep into the small boy. Elder Dalton gave of himself so freely and openly, it was a true thing of beauty to witness. The missionary’s body moved effortlessly through the air as Hart held him in place, bouncing him high up as he pushed his cock in again and again.

All the while, the boy’s breath panted quickly, working hard to keep up with the intense penetration.  Lee was amazed just how gracious Elder Dalton was, especially considering how innocent and childlike he’d been just weeks before.

There was something special about him, something pure and genuine… an unmolested soul. He’d only had the chance to fuck him once, but the president felt it even then. Something deserving of admiration and adoration. Something that needed to be protected.

The Second Anointing is not meant for everyone. It’s intended only for the most spiritually and emotionally exceptional. It’s a sacred bond and sealing that carries forward from this life to the next. President Lee knows the significance of this ceremony and is uniquely sensitive to those who are worthy. Elder Dalton seems like the exact boy this was made for, and as such, Lee felt compelled to bring him in.  Elder Dalton had no idea what he was walking into. The priest leader greeted him pleasantly in the temple, guiding him to a special ceremony room that glowed with white light. Inside stood a large, cloth-covered altar, pristine white and completely clear.

Dalton remembered hearing stories of temple altars of old where animals were sacrificed. He’d been told that this was a special, sacred act, giving up the body for a higher authority. He remembered this as he was asked to strip down, taking off his proper Mormon attire and stripping down to his garments. He knew he’d be giving something up, but as he looked into President Lee’s beautiful blue eyes, he could think of no authority higher.

In just his garments, Elder Dalton looked even smaller than before. The suit jacket and tie did a lot to make his boyish frame seem more matured than it was. Laid bare, he was so slight and fragile, it seemed he’d bruise with the slight touch.

President Lee, despite this observation, knew he had to risk it. The boy was too precious, too perfect to resist. He stepped closer to him, grabbing him by the curve of his buttocks, feeling his big, manly, grown hands completely envelop his backside. The boy’s garments split nicely in the back, giving him special access to his sex, feeling his cheeks and hole as he held him up.

Overwhelmed with desire and passion, Lees hands scopped the boy up against his body, taking him off the floor and lifting his face toward his. He was so light, like a toy or a doll. The older man pressed his lips to Dalton’s tasting his sweet, soft kiss. Dalton kissed back, breathing heavy through his nose, intimidated and scared, but undeniably enthralled.

Lee stopped himself. He didn’t want to sully the moment with his insatiable libido. This was special and sacred, and he needed to set the example. Bringing the boy back down to earth, he guided him to the altar and sat him up on top.

The boy’s legs hung over as his chest continued to move up and down. Their kiss had stirred up a lot in his tiny body… more than he yet knew how to process completely. As he tried to catch his breath, President Lee moved around him, picking up his legs and massaging them. He put special oil on his hands and rubbed them up and down.

Elder Dalton had been blessed and anointed before, but there was something palpably more intimate about this experience. Perhaps it was the fact that the two had had sex before, giving him a knowledge of his superior that he’d not had before. Perhaps it was the nature of the anointing, marked by slow, lingering, seductive gestures around his sensitive body. Most likely, it was the way in which it was frequently broken up by the president’s kisses, visiting his mouth and body like soft rain.

This intimacy continued as Dalton was placed on the altar on all fours. The young boy felt like he was back on Bishop Hart’s office desk, completely open and exposed. He rested his head on his forearms, feeling his vulnerability as his ass lifted in the air and the split in the back of garments opened.

This breach of privacy didn’t do unnoticed by President Lee who was quick to spread the cloth doors apart, giving him an unimpeded view of the boy’s beauty. It was like a soft peach, pink, slightly rosy at the peaks, smooth and velvety to the touch. Not a single hair to be seen, no signs of any wear or worry. The older man fought every urge he had to bite into the peach, curious if it juice would dribble down his chin if he could grab it with his teeth.

“So beautiful,” was all he could muster under his breath, looking longingly and lovingly at the boy spread out before him. This was a gift, he thought to himself. I cannot spoil this.

Rolling up his sleeves, President Lee moved to the side of the altar, studying the arch of the boy’s body. He took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, stealing caresses where he could. His hands frequently returned to the small of Dalton’s back and the curve of his chest as he began to undress himself.

He lifted Dalton up onto his knees, holding onto his jaw as he passionately leaned in for a kiss. The boy’s crotch danced beneath his garments, feeling the pulse of arousal course through him as the man’s touch and taste overwhelmed him.

Lee peeled the boy’s garments down his shoulder, exposing more of his milky white skin. The cloth fell further, almost unintentionally giving him more of a sight of the boy’s smooth, flat chest. Lee’s hand ran to it, touching him more and more and his eyes saw more area that his fingers needed to conquer.

It was becoming harder and harder for him to deny himself, plunging his hand down the backside of the boy, feeling the knot of the boy’s hole with the tip of his middle finger, caressing it gently as if he were teasing a button that was begging to be pushed.

He felt amazing. Every inch of him was a perfect, precious delight. He leaned him forward again to peel off his garment completely. In doing so, he looked at him like a piece of candy, freshly unwrapped, sweet and tasty. His mouth even watered, wanting to savor him and feel this rush of pleasure on his tongue. The urge was so strong he lifted up the boy’s foot, seeing the little buds of toes, and placed them softly in his mouth, hungry for a taste of his beautiful boy…
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