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Cazzo - Das Special NR6 - Tim Kruger
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Cast: Carioca, Danny Starr, Darren Robins, Lucio Saints, Milan Gamiani, Moran Stern, Nicolas Torri, Thierry Lamasse, Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger is a German gay porn star. He combines boyish charm and manly looks: steel blue eyes, trendy facial hair, a hairy chest and a massive cock! This total top likes nailing strong guys. He has a lot of fun giving it to them as raunchy as they need it.Tim takes a trip to Barcelona to get a feel for this exciting gay city. Doing some sightseeing he first meets Carioca, a strapping Brazilian lad, and Tim’s tool gets its first workout in this unfamiliar place. The two of them milk each other’s cocks for a quickie in the middle of the city.On his terrace above the rooftops of Barcelona Milan succumbs to Tim’s Teutonic charms. He offers Tim his well-trained arse to use as he will and proves that a maricon can take a fair heap of punishment.Tim Kruger looks absolutely stunning in a suit. On his way to the office he gets followed by the little punk rocker Nicolas Torri.Tim Kruger orders a pizza with ham, but Thierry ends up on the receiving end for this delivery. Considering Tim’s hot cock he’s happy to oblige.Tim Kruger keeps a bunch of hot boys in his cellar to satisfy his sexual basic needs. Today’s choice is the devote Moran Stern who piggishly sucks Tim’s giant dick ...Tim and Lucio go for a deep blow off on each other’s cock and afterwards Tim stuffs Lucio’s debit able box.

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