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Falcon - Jocks - Convictions Part 1 DVD
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Cast:  Brett Michaels, Jason Branch, Nino Bacci, Scott Davis, Blake Harper, Tommy Lord, Kevin Pearce, Dylan Reece, Nick Riley, Joe Serrano, Corey Summers

Another cinematic triumph for Miss LaRue, Convictions Part 1 shows us what really goes on when men’s inhibitions are allowed to run rampant - and the results are pretty sexy! A steamy study in self-control, the film opens with a pair of torrid twosomes at a cruisy clubhouse. Dreamy Harper hooks up with man-next-door Lord, who drops to his knees and hooves Harper’s piece like a champ. After fingering his own winking rosette, Lord really opens up and lets Harper bang him silly in a couple of positions. Harper eventually sprays his nutjuice all over Lord’s chest. Good Lord!

Meanwhile, tan ethnic-looking Riley (who proves that having a big nose equals having a big schlong), sucks blonde Davis’s colossal pole. They are joined by Pearce, who takes turns tongue bathing his fuck buddies’ mammoth tools.

Pearce then flips on his back and takes Riley’s huge ass plunger ‘till he shrieks with delight. The scene is capped off by three mini cum-geysers. A high excitement level and great camera angles add fuel to the carnal fire.

In the next scene, we catch up with Harper and a gaggle of other men at a "relationship seminar" where a strange elixir is given to all the participants. As each of the men consume the liquid, we get a sneak peek at some sexual indiscretion involving each of them. First up is Bacci, who cheats on his boyfriend with super-cutie Summers. This shiny young twink seems really excited to actually be having sex - and getting paid for it! Whether he’s got Bacci’s huge, uncut cock in his mouth or up his butt, Summers manages to maintain a heart-melting smile. Bacci munches Summers’ butthole like a fiend, before riding Summers’ face and giving him a taste of his own bum. Surprisingly, the boys forgo actual anal penetration. Instead, Bacci fingers Summers’ hole ‘till he spurts all over Bacci’s manly chest.

Next, smooth blonde hottie Michaels does a little sumpin-sumpin with his main squeeze, raven-haired model-type Reece. Michaels has a jumbo-sized pee-pee that’s as thick around as a housecat’s head! After some heated rimming and sucking, Michaels pokes Reece’s hole. Reece yelps like a schoolgirl as his soil is plowed.

The film takes a detour from the vanilla scene with the next installment. I like to call this scene "Fist me, my lovely". Uptight Serrano takes the stick out of his tight ass and gets loosened up courtesy of tough guy Branch and his arsenal of toys. First, Branch has Serrano pay oral homage to his fleshy protuberance. Branch then plops down on Serrano’s face and gives him a heaping serving of ass. All the while, Branch is spouting so much naughty talk that he sounds like your third grade teacher’s worst nightmare. Branch begins dilating Serrano’s sphincter, first with a finger, then with his doodle. Branch then decides that Serrano is ready to play with the big boys and puts him in a sling.

As Serrano moans with delight, Branch shoves a frighteningly large dildo into his stud-slice. Branch follows it up with an even bigger dildo, which Serrano seems to enjoy every much. Branch then becomes angry at Serrano’s asshole and begins to slowly punch it with his closed fist. Serrano’s cavernous hole engulfs Branch’s limb down to below the wrist! You’re afraid the damn thing is going to just open up and swallow Branch whole. In the scorching finale, they both jerk off, with Branch’s dude-dew splattering Serrano’s chest.

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