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Spritzz - French bareback boy drenched with cum (Florian Mraz, Jerome James)
French bareback boy drenched with cum
Duration: 16:11 min | Released: March 14, 2019

With his hard teenage cock in his stroking hand young Florian Mraz is far too distracted by his own pleasure to notice when his friend Jerome James arrives at his door. The new arrival is shocked to find his buddy jerking off, but it's an opportunity he just can't miss. Inviting himself in he soon gets the permission of his horny friend to have a play, grabbing Florian's eager dick and wanking him, sucking his helmet and tasting his wet tip. His own boner is already throbbing in his pants when Florian releases it for a taste in return, gobbling his friend's boner and checking out the boy's ass. Jerome might not have had his tight little butt hole fucked before but there's a first time for everything. With his ass on show through his jock strap style undies he gets his pucker licked by his eager pal, but it's soon stuffed with bareback teen cock. Florian drives in deep from behind, then gives his friend a ride on his naked length before Jerome goes in for a taste of the dick that's just fucked him. With a little more spit to ease that passage Florian sinks his boner back in to take his friend to a cum eruption, leaving Jerome splashed with their combined cum wads. They must agree that it was better than jerking off alone.

Cast:: Florian Mraz, Jerome James

Duration: 16:11
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