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RagingStallion - The Woods Part 1
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RagingStallion - The Woods Part 1
Directed by Tony DiMarco
Released 2012-12-14

In the primal redwood forests of California, the unspoiled serenity is threatened. In The Woods, something is going hump in the night. People are reporting odd noises and flashes of blinding light. Men who have never looked at other men find themselves overcome with raging hard ons and an irresistible need to suck, fuck or get fucked. And, people are disappearing! Some speculate that there are aliens in The Woods, abducting people. Could it be? And, could this be somehow related to the powerful, rough, gay erotic urges that are coursing through these sexy studs' veins?Award-winning director Tony Dimarco has crafted a tale of sexual mystery where the victims are possessed by some unexplained force moving them to commit out-of-this-world acts of intense, hardcore, energized fucking, whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself.Dale Cooper wonders aloud to his best friend, Parker Wright, about other forms of life in the universe, but the furthest thing from his mind is that he could possibly be overcome by some unexplained sexual power along with Parker. Whatever comes over them, leads them to come all over each other and Parker goes missing. Chris Tyler, whose hole suddenly moves at the speed of light, and Alex Graham, whose hole has unexpectedly equally pleasing powers, undergoes a similar sexual metamorphosis after they hear a loud humming noise. This mysterious erotic energy grants Jimmy Fanz fulfillment of his hero worship of massive Zeb Atlas who probes into the far reaches of Jimmy. Men in uniform, Park Rangers Cal Skye and Tom Wolfe, also succumb to the cryptic testosterone impulses that push them to far reaches of oral and anal abandon. It falls upon Trenton Ducati, their boss, to solve all these mysteries, but not before he falls prey to the sexual fury that's in the air when his libido takes on a life of its own, and his hole gets controlled by the massive cock of an unidentified man (played by Tomas Brand), who shows up in Trenton's bedroom in the middle of the night. Is it a dream, or...?

Alex Graham
Cal Skye
Chris Tyler
Dale Cooper
Jimmy Fanz
Parker Wright
Tom Wolfe
Tomas Brand
Trenton Ducati
Zeb Atlas
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