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Desires Of A Gymnast part 2 Gymnastic Lovers 2001 720x480 1h36m09s avi GTO
Pacific Sun Entertainment Inc.Big DickEuroMusclesInternationalJocksAnalSafe SexCondoms
DESIRES OF A GYMNAST part 2 GYMNASTIC LOVERS 2001 720x480 1h36m09s AVI

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Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment Inc. Director: Csaba Borbely Keywords: Pacific Sun Entertainment Inc., Big Dick, Euro, Muscles, International, Jocks, Anal, Safe Sex, Condoms

Starring: Leslie Manzel, Danno Alecs, Mick Huston, Carlos Tayler, Michael Constanzo, John Floque, Roberto Giorgio, Janos Volt, George Vidanov

Csaba Borbely has done it again. A definite collector's item for every connoisseur of rock hard, handsome and hung athletes.  Part two continues with a romp throughout the gymnasium where gymnasts in training can't keep their hands off each other.  Real hard working men excersing in the gym, plus steamy erotic workout in the pool and sauna make this one explosive!

Part 1 of this two parter featured good looking guys doing some very nice gymnastics followed by hot sex. While it was well done, it lacked any tension that jock/athlete videos can create.

This second part follows the same lead, with beautiful models showing off their muscles but with no plot line to follow. Rivals, bullies and coaches are missing from this video, as are jockstraps and underwear. Must be a shortage in Europe! After practicing in the gym with some buddies, dark-haired cutie Eddy Ryan heads to the sauna, where he gets head from muscular Janos Volt. As soon as Ryan drops his towel, Volt is on his uncut cock like a dog in heat. The two reverse roles, and Ryan slurps his throat down on Volt's uncut meat. Volt is soon squatting his muscle ass down onto Ryan's long dong, bouncing up and down while stroking his own hard-on. They move to a whirlpool location, where Ryan mounts Volt in a missionary position and fucks the hell out of him before both studs shoot their loads.

Ryan's teammates, Mick Huston, Leslie Manzel and Roberto Giorgio, have retired to the pool, where horseplay soon turns to sex play in the deep end. After making out together, Manzel stands between his buddies and alternates letting them suck his cock. Giorgio then stands and does the exact same thing. While it is hot to look at the incredible bods on these studs, the back-and-forth and back-and-forth goes on too long. If you find the action redundant, just fast-forward to where Huston is on all fours, taking a pounding from Giorgio in his back end and Manzel in his mouth. This action goes on for a while as well and switches around to Huston sitting on Manzel's boner while sucking on Giorgio. Everyone blasts their load at the end of this lackluster scene. Giorgio has the most incredible bod, but he seems to be sporting a semiwoody most of the time.

Superstud George Vidanov takes a break from gymnastics and walks in on equally studly John Floque and Carlos Tyler making out. Soon all three athletes are naked and boned up, but we have Tyler standing between the other two while they orally service him. Hmmm... Haven't I seen this somewhere before??? Even though it looks like a repeat, the action is actually hotter than the last scene, with Vidanov as an energetic cocksucker and the guys interacting more. History repeats some more as Vidanov now gets his uncut dick worked over by the other two. Showing absolutely no creativity, Floque then stands up and gets the same oral service that we've now seen four times already. Three hot, naked studs = endless possibilities but not in this video! To the video's credit, the three amigos form a fuck train with Vidanov in front and Tyler chugging away in the middle. Wanna guess what happens next? Yep, they switch positions, with Vidanov as the caboose. Thankfully, the guys shoot before they switch positions once more.

Well-built Giorgio is back in the last scene, this time with handsome Michael Constanzo. After some practice on the parallel bars, these two get horizontal. Giorgio appears to be hard in this scene, and Constanzo sports a big, curved, uncut donkey dick. Constanzo starts out on his knees getting face-fucked by Giorgio, but soon the roles are reversed, and Giorgio slobbers all over his buddy's big cock. Giorgio is soon sliding his rod into Constanzo's ass and rides him hard and long. This is the hottest fuck in the video but ends when Constanzo slams his long pole up Giorgio's jock butt. The two blast their loads onto Giorgio's beautiful bod.

I hate to bitch and moan about good looking guys having sex, but this time I have to. Yes, this video has high production values, but it really lacks chemistry and lust. The sex scenes are good, but then we see the same thing over and over again, and all interest is lost. Video veteran Vidanov is the only performer who really goes at it with any gusto. There's lots of moaning and going through the motions by the other performers, but who can blame them when they are given such redundant sexual situations? There is no continuing plot line from Part 1, so don't feel like you need to see this part to complete the experience.
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