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TransBunnies - Spark In The Relationship - Erika Schnider, Sal and Jak Dolce
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TS ERIKA SCHNIDER has been in a fruitful and loving relationship with SAL for almost 3 years now. At first like any relationship, things were wonderful with SAL attending to her every need and offering time, despite his busy schedule as a London city banker. Now, things have gone down the pan with SAL working overtime and loosing his mojo slightly. ERIKA realises this and blames her high maintenance for SAL breaking his back; so, she has a plan to reignite the spark by bringing a cute guy she met at the gym to the bedroom for fun & frolics. JAK DOLCE loves ERIKA and has a crush on her anyway, ever since they lay eye on one another, so he is well up for fucking hardcore her cute pussy ass and go down on her monster shemale cock!
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