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ManUpFilms - Evil Dr Woods Gets Fucked By His Robot - Wesley Woods and Pierce Paris (1080p)
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Date Added: December 15, 2018

Evil Dr Woods Gets Fucked By His Robot

Dr Woods has been contracted by villains to make the perfect robot soldier. (Pierce Paris) He secretly fell in love with his creation, and even built in a huge perfect cock that actually ejaculates on command. He programmed AI that knows how to fuck.
His creation is complete. He revels in his own genius after running a couple maintenance routines and tests. Dr Woods orders his robot to carry him to a bedroom for sex.

They arrive in the bedroom and Dr Woods worships his robots perfect body and cock. He just has to suck it. So he does.

After Dr Woods sucks his perfect robot’s giant cock he needs to test its fuck AI. He orders the robot to lube up his cock.

“Robot lubing up cock…”

His robot fucks his brains out with his giant cock in a couple positions. Next he has to test to the cum functions. He orders the robot to cum in his mouth.
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