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Japanboys - Introducing Hazime
Is there room in the Japanboyz roster for a handsome nerdy schoolboy with big techy glasses? Of course there is, why do you even ask? Hazime sits on the couch in striped sweater with his sleeves pushed up and a mighty-looking bulge in his pants. His big hands tip off that there's probably something substantial lurking in his briefs.

Slightly awkward but with a winning smile, Hazime is the adorable nerd of your dreams, and he's eager to doff his clothes and get those big hands on his equally impressive meat. Brushing a palm over his chest, he rubs the other hand on his crotch in anticipation. He strips to a pair of perfect nerd Mickey Mouse briefs and keeps his big glasses in place. Diving a fist under the waistband he works his cock up to a nice shareable size before he's ready to unveil it.

It's a straight and long uncut pole, veiny and with a thick thatch of straight black hair at the base and between his cock and balls. No shrinking violet, Hazime's dick is so hard he can snap it like a metal spring. When he starts diddling his asshole with his middle finger, it grows even harder.

Now our young hero is raising both legs up, giving his ass center stage and getting a finger in as he beats off. Rising to his knees and twiddling his nip, Hazime is getting worked up and ready to blow. His stroking technique is different and... interesting. He takes the head between the fingers of one hand and just yanks his dick up with that hand. Whatever works, and it looks like he's really enjoying his own personal method. It gives him the other hand free to cradle and pat his heavy nuts as they boil up a creamy load.

Finally ready to blast, he takes his rhythm down a notch and fires off a splatter into his bushy pubes. Lying back with sticky hands resting on his crotch, he settles back and relaxes after a job well done.
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