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HIS Video - Naked Lunch (1985)
analoralgeneral hardcorepre-condom (bareback)
Web download. No BIJOU logo. Renamed Sex Lunch for the Bijou DVD.

director Roger Earl

Ben Peters
Brett Simms
Chris Nichols
Cole Carpenter
Joel Curry
Matthew Marks
Michael Cummings
Michael Ram
Sergio Canali
Shane Michaels
Tex Anthony

This is Hollywood's hottest restaurant, where the food is great but the service is even better! Above and below the table, the waiters are sure to please - and a visit to the wine cellar will confirm that this establishment is definitely well-stocked. Reservations only.

1. Tex Anthony, Chris Nichols

2. Michael Ram, Sergio Canali

3. Matthew Marks, Brett Simms, Ben Peters

4. Joel Curry, Cole Carpenter, Michael Ram, Michael Cummings, Brett Simms

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