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Red Stag Video - Rock Hard Monster Cock
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Cast: Lito Cruz, Boy Fillmore, Blake Cocharan, Alex Cross, Abraham, Jessie Balboa, and Cooper Jameson

ROCK HARD MONSTER COCK” is Stevan Maverick's first gay sex, raw ass fucking masterpiece.

I love rock hard monster cocks. And in this video I started out with Boy Fillmore sucking on Blake Cocharan's man meat until Blake couldn't take it anymore and forces Boy to sit down and ride his cock like a man.

It was fucking hot to watch Boy shoot his load while riding Blake. And even hotter when Blake shot his own load in Boy's ass and rubbed his cock against his hole as his cum dripped out.

The next two Porn Stags Jessie Balboa and Cooper started to fuck even before I turned my camera on. Instead of stopping them I just turned my camera on and filmed. You're lucky to have this totally fucking hot and natural man on man scene in your hands. Jessie mercilessly pounds Cooper to an inch of cock lust crazyiness before he shoots his load in his insatiable hole.

Jessie has that unbelievable olive complexion and south American Accent that will drive you buck wild.

Derrek Downs is someone I saw working for another company who I had to have fuck for me on film. I had to bottom for that producer to get him to give me Derrek's phone number but it was well worth my raw aching hole. Derrek's a ruthless fucker who gives Abraham what he want's. Hard cock slamming in his shit pit.

I would say the highlight of any video would be Porn Stag Lito Cruz and his monster cock ramming into a tight hole. I really got off on watching him choke Boy Fillmore with his fat cock slurping up his foreskin cheese like candy.

to say Boy screamed with joy as his hole was filled with Latin Spooge is an understatement. Moments after this scene was shot we were kicked out of the room we were filming in.

Last up is our cover boys. We have Blake Cocharan fucking the shit out of creamy skinny cock fuck-puppet Alex Cross. Alex eye's widened as he saw the present of Blake's cock I had waiting for him and just said "Giddy Up cowboy". Sit back with your cock in your hand and watch as Alex's hole sucks a load out of Blakes cock.

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