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Hard Brit Lads - Kayden Gray & Theo Ford
Release Date: December 15th 2014
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 23:53
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A real scorcher here, as super hot muscle stud Theo Ford works up a sweat with mega hung fittie Kayden Gray.. Starting off with kissing and mutual nipple play, they strip out of their sports kit to their undies, get a good feel of each others bulges, then take turns on their knees, giving each other a real good sucking.. Theo struggles a bit with Kaydens huge thick uncut nine inch meat, getting his mouth seriously stretched and Kayden pushes it as deep as he can.. Then Kayden gets a good face fucking from Theo.. On the sofa now, Kayden sits back to get his throbbing tool pleasured some more, then gives Theo another good sucking with awesome deepthroat, then starts fingering Theos hungry hole as he sucks him.. On the floor and eager to fuck, Theo lays on his side as Kayden eases in his huge meat, about halfway, and starts to fuck slow, gradually going deeper, as Theo keeps his cock throbbing... Next, Theo leans against the sofa, and Kayden fucks him harder, gripping Theo as he thrusts into him.. Not quite done yet, Theo rides it now, with Kayden pulling his muscular butt cheeks wide apart as he gives him a harder, deeper, very intense fucking, till he cant hold back any longer, and Theo squirts a big strong spunk load all over Kaydens chest and abs.. Kayden jerks himself off, shooting a big creamy load of jizz over himself, squeezing out every last drop as they catch their breath.

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