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ChaosMen - 2240 - Declan & Ron Raw (1080p)
Release date: January 4, 2019

Video Number: 2240

Ron has decided that he prefers to bottom. For a long time, he thought he was only a Top, but he has been dating a guy that has turned him on to bottoming. He has a passive vibe too, though he is a eager cocksucker.

He sure sucks cock good too, though Declan sucks his cock first. But once Declan is spread out before him, Ron goes after his cock like a pro. There is a subtle erotic style to the way sucks dick.

Ron does like to get fucked while laid flat for his first insert. Declan did a great job attacking him this angle. This totally got Ron in the mood to get fucked hard.

Declan fucks him doggie-style, and we had a short pause where Ron almost came too soon.

Declan then flips him over and fucks him at just the right angle. I could tell Ron was getting close to cumming, so scrambled from the floor to catch him shooting a giant load.

Declan then juices his hole, filling him up with his jizz. Ron licks his cock clean and they share a passionate kiss to end a very hot video!
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