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Big Daddy - Out in Public - Bargain Fucking at the Fleamarket
Joey's at it again, but this time with his good friend Ace. They decided to head out to the flea market for a little shopping and also to see if they could find some bargain ass. As they stroll about looking at the deals, clothes and food they spot a young 18 year old named Patrick. Patrick has a girlfriend and he just so happened to be shopping for her at the time when Joey offered up some cash to fool around with Ace. In pure desperation Patrick agrees to it due to the lack of funds in his bank account. Patrick is a student with a load of loans and needs all the money he can get. Plus he gets to buy his girl something with out digging in to his own pocket. The problem with fooling around in public is that there's always the threat of getting caught. They manage to slip by the manager of a sneaker spot and move the party to the storage room. They make sure they remain quiet so as to not get caught. What happens? You'll have to watch and find out.
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