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BreedMeRaw - Bishop Angus & Riley Mitchel
Bishop Angus just sold a huge house with a pool to Riley Mitchel and called to see how everything was. Riley of course being a blond couldn't figure out how to work the control panel for the swimming pool. Bishop drops by to show him and then ask him for payment on getting him such a sweet deal on this house. Riley of course was willing to do anything for that, so he gave up his holes for Bishop to use and claim as personal property. Bishop took his ass for payment and stretched his already loose hole, but he said he will come back for another deposit!


[Good scene featuring two hot guys with chemistry. Riley is as good a bottom as Bishop is a top: he always stays hard no matter how hard he's fucked. The scene is shot with a single camera and very little cutting, a big plus. The last 4 minutes are one continuous take that includes both cum shots. This means unfortunately that we don't really see Bishop's cum which is mostly internal. But all the signs point to its being real. He cums about 40 seconds after going in (a bit longer than his standard 30 seconds, but close enough); the "I'm gonna cum" is there; the breathing sounds right; the trembling looks right. In fact, if you look closely in super slomo, you can catch a drop of cum falling off his dickhead just after he pulls out. The closeup of Riley's subsequent wanking and cumming is a nice consolation.]
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