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Military Classified - Santee
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Released 22 July 2019

Hey everyone today is a special day because I have a new recruit to introduce to you all and his name is SANTEE. My mouth dropped when I saw his photos initially and within weeks, I had him convinced to let me not only suck his cock but also submit completely and lick and suck his toes before I surprised him with the blowjob of his life! Watch how I got it all on tape.

I was very excited with Santee finally made it to my offices and we didn't waste any time before I had him in his dress blues looking every bit of hot and it wasn't long before I had him stripping down that uniform of his and started at his feet taking his shoes and socks off before sniffing his socks and then making my way to his toes. His feet smelled clean and fresh! A complete turn on!

I could tell that Santee hasn't had his feet worked on before because his mouth was wide open in awe at the sexiness of having his feet worshiped and licked. His cock was rock hard and of course I had to make my way to that beautiful piece of uncut meat and that's where the show began. I wasted no time working over his balls and licking up that shaft before I started sucking on his cock and taking it balls deep swiftly which drew concern from Santee.

As time began to slip by little by little I began to see SANTEE break down becoming more uncomfortable and figgity. He would tighten his body up like he was frozen and as I bared down on my attack, he was beginning to lose the control that every straight guy has AT THE BEGINNING of the BJ but that falls away fast as I break them down.

Soon they are like a deer in headlights and the stare that protrudes from the model is a blank look that plainly shows how uninterested he really is for the porn the the tv and how very much so interested in is in what's going on between his legs. As usual, Rob took the bull by the horns and squeezed that puppy to the point of no return and SANTEE was left speechless!
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