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BoyFun - Ben's Private Place - Ben Kingston - MP4 1080p
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Added: Aug 04th, 2019


We all have that special place we like to go when we need to stroke out some cum. When I was a young man it was the woods near my friend's house, we'd go there to look through stolen porn magazines and get our cocks out for some wanks. For hot young thing Ben Kingston it's the old bridge by the derelict warehouse, a place only a few boys know. Perhaps he was hoping for a little friendly BoyFun when he headed out there, but with no one around he's gonna make the most of his visit and really enjoy himself. Watch as the cute blond bisexual boy reveals that growing bulge in his jeans, a long and pale shaft of uncut cock just begging for a warm hand around it. As he gets braver his clothes come off entirely, the fit young man showing his slightly hairy chest and his engorged length of bate meat, taking a seat on the bare concrete while he plays with his erection. You can imagine what it might be like to stumble across this gorgeous sight while out on a stroll, you wouldn't be able to resist, you'd soon have your cock out too and have his drooling dick slipping between your lips. The fit boy only gets more brazen as the pleasure grows, laying back on the cold floor and playing with his tight little pucker. He's at just the right height for you to kneel between his legs on a lower step and slide into him. Maybe that's the though running through his mind as he picks up the pace and strokes his dick harder, the first splash of semen erupting from his cock and splashing down over the dirty steps. It's soon followed by another gush of thick twink cream, and another, his body launching cum as the jolts of pleasure rush through him. With his balls finally emptied he can head back home, but he'll be back there again soon to look for a friend to play with.

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