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William Higgins - Str8hell - Tomas Salek & Martin Polnak RAW - RAUNCHY
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WE have two fantastic straight guys, Tomas Salek & Martin Polnak in a raunchy sex scene. Tomas is blindfolded and wearing just his underwear as Martin kneels behind him, feeling over his body. Tomas turns his head and they kiss as Martin feels all over the sexy, hairy, chest. He pulls on Tomas' nipples and slaps the sexy chest too. Reaching down he rubs Tomas cock through the underear. Then Martin takes some clothes pins and attaches them to Tomas' nipples. Standing he pulls out his stiff dick and slides it into Tomas eager mouth. Tomas sucks on that big cock as Martin fucks it into his hot mouth. Then Martin lays Tomas down and sucks his rock hard cock. He takes it all into his mouth as his head bobs up and down on the throbbing dick. Licking and sucking on the cock he laps eagerly at the balls too. Then he turns Tomas over, face down, to expose that sexy ass. A few spanks on the ass and the Martin's big, stiff, cock slides deep inside. His heavy balls slap against the ass as his cock fucks deep inside. Tomas moans as he feels that big cock banging away at his hot hole. Tomas moves up onto his knees as Martin shackles his wrists and the big cock slide back into the hot hole. Martin fucks that ass deep as Tomas continues moaning. His ass is spread wide by the big cock which is pulled out and shoved back inside. Tomas turns over and wanks himself as Martin continues to pound his hairy ass as hard as he can. With the dick deep inside him, fucking hard, Tomas dumps his creamy cum onto his hairy thigh. Martin continues to fuck until he is ready to cum, then he kneels over Tomas to shoot his creamy load. Then he leans forward and they kiss one final time.

Released: 12 January, 2018

Day 3:  Martin Polnak
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Original: 17/01/2018 - matthewmancs
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